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TCN Live Chat Offers Customer Support in 5 Languages

St. George, Utah—TCN, a leader for award winning customer support through its virtual call center solution suite, Platform 3, has added live chat to its services.

TCN released a live chat system on its website that offers clients instant communication with support staff in five languages with a response time of 60 seconds or less.

To fulfill its guarantee, TCN is properly staffed at all times to monitor the live chat and support all inquiries. Other options of reaching the customer support staff are by phone at 866-745-1900 or through email at Any service options available through these methods are also available through the live chat.

Along with its live chat, TCN has other traditional methods of reaching its support system from handling questions about services or troubleshooting other issues. This new 24/7 support is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

To use the live chat, simply expand the chat window at the bottom right corner of the screen and fill in the required fields. After completing the required fields, the client will be connected to TCN client support staff.

The term 24/7 has almost become a trite phrase from overuse and hyperbole, but at TCN, it’s a standard. With a global representation, turn-around time for projects, messages and other custom work is fast and reliable. To try the chat system, visit its website at

About TCN:

TCN has led Software as a Service (SaaS) call center technology since 1999 by offering SIP based on-demand Virtual Call Center, Predictive Dialing, and Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) solutions. With offices all over the US, Canada and Europe, TCN is a global player.

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