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TCN Launches List Management Services for Its Comprehensive Cloud Contact Center Platform

St. George, Utah – April 21, 2020 – TCN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, announced today the launch of its List Management Services (LMS), a new addition to TCN’s robust cloud contact center platform. TCN’s LMS enables contact centers to streamline and optimize lists for connecting, making it easier to integrate various data sets and channels from different sources while saving time, improving omnichannel visibility and reducing the likelihood of errors.

“Our new List Management Services make it easier for our clients to pipeline and massage data from disparate sources and enrich it with other key TCN services,” said Jesse Bird, chief technology officer and co-founder of TCN. “As one more feature that demonstrates TCN’s focus on elevating our customers’ business operations, LMS also opens the door for TCN to deploy many more omnichannel functions to our contact center platform.”

Key benefits of TCN’s LMS include:

  • A central data repository: LMS serves as the new central repository for data and the connection point from all outside inputs for TCN’s advanced cloud contact center platform.
  • Advanced data management: LMS allows TCN’s platform engines to draw upon its data for advanced decision processing and enables data enrichment with other key TCN services, such as cell phone scrubbing and compliance.
  • Increased visibility: LMS allows easier API access and clear activity views across any communication channel regardless of agent activity.
  • Greater administrative efficiencies: LMS saves time and effort in migrating and managing data and reduces the potential for errors.
  • Gateway to omnichannel functionality: LMS allows TCN to deploy more omnichannel functions like two-way SMS and customer chat enhancements.

LMS is fully integrated into TCN’s advanced cloud contact center platform. This integration is one of several recent improvements made to TCN’s platform, including its Natural Language Compliance tool that adds customizable rules to meet compliance needs as state and federal rules and regulations change over time. TCN also recently launched a refreshed agent portal designed with instant access to agent voicemails, easier navigation and faster transfer times.

To learn more about TCN’s LMS, click here.

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