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TCN Inc. to Offer Services in the United Kingdom

St. George, Utah—TCN, Inc. recently launched its award winning services in the UK, including Platform 3 with its complete features and real-time reporting functionality. TCN has opened a new office in the UK to provide the best product and customer service.

All features and reporting from TCN, Inc. in the UK will be the same as in the US: inbound/outbound blended, predictive dialing with agent login, reporting, call routing, etc. The UK will also have 24/7 professional services from our UK office.

The TCN Predictive Dialer is a groundbreaking innovation that is a culmination of research and development that began nearly one decade ago. Totally web-based and provided as a Software as a Service, the Predictive Dialer makes the rich feature set of a $600,000 traditional hardware dialer affordable for any organization – at pennies per minute.

“We are thrilled to be apart of these next steps in the United Kingdom,” says Chad Casey, Professional Services Manager at TCN, Inc. “Combining cloud technology and VOiP culminates huge savings for the end user.”

Besides harnessing the holy grail of sub-one-second connections of premise-based dialers for the web-based world, the TCN Predictive Dialer also stands out among its peers in flexibility. Administrators can set up new call agents, hunt groups, and predictive dialing campaigns in minutes. Companies require only phones and Internet connections for their call agents; within 10 minutes they can be running a fully blended inbound/outbound campaign. Call agents simply log in through the Agent Gateway; as calls connect to the agents, the customer information appears on agents’ screens. Notes and call results can be entered by the agents directly through the TCN interface without the need of interacting with a call center CRM.

TCN’s technologies are currently available in North and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and now the United Kingdom.

For more information and a no obligation demo in the UK, please call +0114 414-0002 or visit In the US call +866-745-1900.

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