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TCN Inc. Drives Exciting New Efficiencies for Automotive Software Solutions Company

St. George, Utah—TCN Inc. announces the integration of their cutting edge automated dialing technology with AutoStar Solutions’ web-delivered software programs. The suite of exceptional call management tools now available to AutoStar clients will enable them to gain tremendous new efficiencies in such tedious tasks as collection calls while at the same time opening up exciting opportunities to proactively reach out to their customers.

As AutoStar interacts with their clients—automobile dealerships and finance companies that specialize in pre-owned vehicles—they can now provide those clients with the means to communicate with their important customers quickly and at little cost or effort. Service appointment reminders and warranty updates, announcements about specials and new car introductions, even a courtesy call to advise that their vehicle is ready to be picked up after maintenance can be fully automated on a hosted platform for pennies a day.

“This is one of those marriage made in heaven situations,” says Terrel Bird, CEO of TCN Inc. “AutoStar customers already enjoy the tremendous advantages of a hosted client interaction solution. With the integration of our automated calling technology they now have the optimum tools needed to build greater loyalty with their customer base and even greater resource efficiency. A win-win-win for all involved.”

The key to the success of this integration is TCN’s state-of-the-art auto dialing technology that makes calls on behalf of the client and then hands them off to a living, breathing call specialist once the system connects to a customer. This maximizes the productivity of employees tasked with interfacing with customers by disabusing them of endlessly dialing phone numbers in hopes of reaching someone on the other end. Through the use of predictive and conditional dialing tools, the employee can also target only those customers they want to contact at a given time. Ray Lloyd of Mike Carlson Motors says: “This integration allows us to provide a higher level of service to our customers. What was once available only to captive finance sources and the largest banking institutions is now open to even the smallest dealers.”

From birthday greetings to payment collections, TCN expects AutoStar and its clients to dramatically improve the level and scope of their communication with customers thereby building loyalty, gaining referrals, and improving dealer collections. “The usefulness of TCN’s auto dialing technology is undisputed,” says Allen Dobbins, President and CEO of AutoStar Solutions. “To many independent auto dealers time is money, and the combination of AutoStar and TCN helps save them both.” And with the usual productivity tools inherent in TCN’s award winning technology: scheduling calls from within current software, previewing the selection of call criteria selection, automatic post-broadcast data base updates, and no-charge upgrades as newer versions come on stream, dealers are assured they will continue to enjoy time and money saving efficiencies well into the future.

About TCN Inc.:

As a leader in the hosted call center technology industry since 1999, TCN, Inc. is recognized worldwide as the preeminent global provider of cloud-based virtual call center technologies. Their cutting-edge communication technology has rendered expensive hardware, subscription software, and crowded call centers obsolete. For additional information, visit

About AutoStar Solutions:

For over 20 years, AutoStar Solutions has provided dealer management software solutions to independent automotive dealers and finance companies located in the United States. Their web-based software solutions have enabled clients to automate and simplify activities while staying compliant with state and federal regulations. Learn more at

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