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TCN Enhances SMS Payment Portal with Text-To-Pay Feature for its Advanced Contact Center Platform, TCN Operator 

ST. GEORGE, Utah – July 11, 2023 – TCN, Inc., a global provider of a comprehensive cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies, today announced enhancements to its SMS payment portal’s Text-to-Pay feature, enabling contact centers to use SMS communications for payment processing while maintaining convenience and compliance. This latest enhancement is seamlessly integrated into the TCN Operator platform, empowering contact centers to employ SMS communications for a more streamlined payment processing experience.  

While SMS communications have shown to be effective in a multitude of industries, the healthcare industry, in particular, benefits from using SMS communications for payment processing as it promotes improved patient accessibility and communications as a whole. TCN is currently working with various leading healthcare organizations in transitioning to SMS communications and payment processing. 

The latest payment portal enhancement and all other features of TCN Operator are held to the highest compliance standard through the support of its Natural Language Compliance (NLC) tool. With the NLC solution being directly built into the payment portal, TCN’s clients can access SMS Consent Tracking and the cell phone scrub database features to ensure customer privacy protection while aligning with the current federal regulations.   

To ensure the latest payment portal feature is as comprehensive as possible, TCN works with dozens of leading payment processors to meet various clients’ needs. The adaptability of the TCN Operator platform allows TCN clients from all industries, such as debt collections, utilities, healthcare and more, to have a customized experience where TCN’s software is tailored to specific business needs and goals.  

Some key benefits of this latest enhancement include:  

  • Reduced inbound calls: The payment portal is fully equipped with SMS communications, allowing contact centers to improve agent productivity and cost efficiency.  
  • Improved accessibility: The portal is available 24/7 to check balances, make payments and more, allowing customers to have a payment processing experience that is adaptable to their needs. 
  • Elevated customer experience: TCN’s SMS communications allow contact centers to create personalized messages for their customers, increasing customer satisfaction and experience.  

“We value each of our clients, which is why we take pride in providing them with innovative, supportive solutions tailored to their wants and needs,” said McKay Bird, marketing director at TCN. “Payment processing can be a daunting task for businesses and consumers, which is why we wanted to provide our clients with a modernized solution that makes the payment process less stressful and more productive while maintaining compliance.” The value of the payment portal enhancements are evident in the results of the TCN’s third annual “Consumer Insights about Customer Service” survey. The survey indicates that consumers now expect SMS communications to be available throughout contact center correspondence, with 29% of respondents stating that they prefer SMS over alternative communication channels. These results emphasize that SMS communication is becoming increasingly prominent in customer service.

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