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TCN Announces Partnership with Debt$Net® to Offer Integrated Telephony Services

St. George, UT—TCN Inc. today announced a partnership with The Computer Manager, Inc., a leading Washington-based debt collection software company that produces Debt$Net® Collection Software. The partnership will enable Debt$Net® users to utilize TCN web-based telephony services that are integrated with Debt$Net® Collection Software.

Debt$Net® users will now be able to utilize TCN’s leading customer contact technologies directly from the Debt$Net® interface. This integration will vastly improve manageability and will save IT staff hours, as accounts are selected and sent to TCN via Debt$Net®, and call results are automatically returned after the campaign is finished with the proper result codes.

Additionally, customized TCN messages and call campaigns will be available for all Debt$Net® users, as well as special features like agent screen pops that contain customer information.

The TCN/Debt$Net® integration includes:

Outbound predictive dialing, allowing agents to speak with more consumers in less time

Inbound IVR,enabling consumers to connect to the right agents

High-volume automated messaging, delivering “Foti-compliant” messages, easily scaling up or down to drive

inbound volume to agents

Skills-Based Routing, ensuring the right customer gets to the right agent

The partnership with TCN represents an important step for Debt$Net® users, said Terrel Bird, President and CEO of TCN. “Many businesses cannot take advantage of sophisticated hosted dialing because they lack the in-house resources to integrate business and technology processes. Now every Debt$Net® user can quickly and seamlessly use TCN technology as if they had created it for their own needs.”

Debt$Net® users interested in using the TCN integration should contact a Debt$Net® or TCN representative.

About The Computer Manager:

Founded in 1987 by principals Tony La Magna and Gary Grout, the company has developed and provides the industry their premier core product, Debt$Net®, as well as supporting software modules, training, custom programming, and technical support. Debt$Net® has provided collection agencies, law firms, debt buyers and in-house collection departments with one of the most comprehensive debt collection systems in the industry. Proven in the field, Debt$Net® collection software has satisfied the debt recovery requirements for over 1,000 companies specializing in Retail, Commercial, Medical, Receivables Management, and Check Collections. For additional information, visit

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