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TCN Announces New Licensing Arrangement for Cloud-based Dialing: The Allure of Owning a Dialer Receives the Coup de Grâce

St. George, UT—TCN announced today the release of its new BYOM (Bring Your Own Minutes) service.

Many call centers use a premise-based dialer, but dabble in hosted dialers. Most are tired of maintaining the obsolete onsite dialer, but many get such good rates from their telco carriers that they can’t justify moving all their traffic to the cloud.

But what if one could maintain one’s sweet telco relationship while using a hosted dialer at the same time? Too good to be true?

Not with TCN’s new BYOM service. Clients bring their own minutes. TCN connects to clients’ telco carriers and charges clients only a small licensing fee for the technology.

Analogies are often instructive: many call centers have been buying Pontiacs (premise-based dialers) and occasionally leasing Porsches (cloud-based dialers). Porsche required lessees to buy more expensive Porsche gas. With TCN’s BYOM, call centers can forego purchasing the Pontiac lemons and use their own gas: driving a Porsche at Pontiac rates.

“Very large call centers often couldn’t justify relying solely on cloud dialers because they [the call centers] could not leverage their size to get competitive telco rates,” related TCN Vice President of Sales Dave Bethers. “TCN’s BYOM changes all that. The writing is on the wall for premise-based dialers.”

Yet, premise-based dialers have their defenders. The intuition of family economics has long held that owning is better than leasing. TCN’s own case studies have shown that, after five years, the total average cost of owning and operating a premise-based dialer converges with the total average cost of leasing cloud technology—even with BYOM. Why not own the technology, then?

Two inexorable natural laws combine to decide the matter. First, Moore’s Law, which can be formulated here as the law stating that computing power doubles every 18 months. In other words, the purchased dialer will be very obsolete after five years. It will be a millstone around the neck. The second law, mutual exclusivity, implies that any capital expenditure could have been put to different use. The opportunity cost of making a large capital outlay to purchase a premise-based dialer is large: debt collectors could have purchased more debt; banks could have opened up an entirely new vertical.

TCN’s BYOM eliminates the only convincing argument that those clinging to premised-based call center dialers had: cheap telco. Join the revolution! And start saving, pronto.

Contact TCN for more information on its BYOM program.

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