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TCN Announces First Ever Call Recording Pause/Interrupt Feature for Hosted Predictive Dialers

St. George, UT—True to its pioneering form, TCN, Inc. announced today the release of the first ever hosted dialer feature that allows clients to pause and interrupt call recording—to ensure customer privacy and legal compliance.

Private standards, like PCI compliance, and public standards, like HIPAA privacy compliance, often require that companies avoid storing credit and debit card security codes (typically the three-digit CVV) or other sensitive data. Yet these same standards require customer-agent phone conversations to be recorded in their entirety. Further, companies require these CVV codes to process customer payments. It’s no wonder that some feel like they are daily slaloming through a regulatory minefield.

Enter TCN, where Lewis Carroll-like customer fancies meet their real-world fulfillment. Customers can use a completely hosted, on-demand predictive dialer that does predictive dialer stuff, like call monitoring and agent interrupt. Yet it also records customer-agent interactions. Better still: it provides a “pause recording” feature that enables companies to skip recording for 3-10 second pre-set intervals while a customer provides his payment card’s CVV, or other sensitive information.

“One of the largest internet companies in the world approached us with this call-recording, privacy-compliance conundrum,” mused Dave Bethers, Vice President of Sales at TCN, Inc. “We took the challenge and provided them this functionality as a front-end solution that requires no back-end work to ensure compliance.”

Thus, “[c]ustomers should be wary of hosted dialing companies that claim they are 100% compliant with such standards,” stated Li TiaTia, Vice President of Operations and Client Services at TCN. “Complete compliance is possible, and it needn’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Mollify the lawyers. Respect people’s privacy (ahem, Google). Be the good guys (and girls). Try TCN’s pause recording and other compliance features, free of charge.


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