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TCN and Zions Bank: Speaking on Business

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This is Chris Redgrave for Zions Bank Speaking on Business.

This is interesting: the United Kingdom ranks as Utah’s top export destination. It’s followed by China, Canada and India with Switzerland rounding out the top five. Governor Gary Herbert recently visited China on a trade mission and as a result, expects to see an economic impact of up to $60 million.

Terrel Bird knows all about running an international company since his St. George business, TCN, works with some of the top businesses in the United States and abroad. Before starting TCN, he was living in the United States but running a company in Canada and found the travel back and forth tough. So, he started a business based on an emerging trend he researched back in the 90s.

The trend he researched was called voice over Internet protocol, which basically means sending voice telephone calls over the Internet. TCN’s servers are in what is now called the Internet “cloud.” This is a web-based dialer that provides companies with a service for pre-recorded messaging, alerts or political surveys with a personalized message. One of the guiding principles for this St. George company is to think globally but act locally.

One of the great aspects of this company is that it supports the environment because it’s 100 percent green. You don’t need any hardware because it’s all performed over the Internet.

Now TCN has released the next generation of call center technology: the TCN SoftPhone. This means you will be able to utilize, on demand, TCN’s full Virtual Call Center selection of products to contact customers without having to purchase a single phone or engage a telecommunications provider. All a call center needs now is workstation PCs and a T-1 Internet line, and agents can be operating the latest call center technology in minutes. TCN is another successful global company with local roots.

If you’d like to find out more about how to build your company’s global presence, you can attend the tenth annual Zions Bank Trade and Business Conference on May 26. For more information or to register, visit

For more information on TCN’s services, please call 866-745-1900, or visit TCN.

Click here to listen to the article.

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