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More Connections and Fewer Abandons with TCN Intelligent Call Routing and Prime Time Dialing

TCN today released several intelligent dialing features that improve clients’ ability to comply with internal dialing conventions and state and federal regulations. These features also greatly improve the customer-agent experience and right-party-contact efficiency.

Scheduling Windows/Prime Time Dialing

Clients can now schedule call campaigns so that calls are made only during customizable time windows. All other client compliance dialing rules, including Conditional/Sequential dialing, function alongside these customizable windows. Calls that would have been made during a window of scheduled “off-time” are simply queued up with priority when the next calling window opens. Clients can also use this functionality to focus dialing efforts during prime calling hours or to accommodate staff scheduling fluctuations.

Customer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Intelligent Call Routing

Clients can now route inbound calls with more precision. Call campaigns can be customized to check the availability of a “hunt group” of call agents to see if one or more agents in a hunt group are logged in and available. This functionality permits clients to automatically blend an inbound call into an Agent Gateway hunt group or have the call go to a linkback number or to voice mail if no hunt groups are available to take the call.

Furthermore, TCN can now vastly limit abandoned calls by checking the availability of a call agent during a campaign to see if he/she is in a “waiting” status. If a call is connected and the agent is already on a call, TCN will send the newly connected call to another agent in a different group; alternatively, TCN could verify the customer’s identity, send the customer to hold, or play an informative message to the customer. This feature is particularly beneficial for clients that have a small number of agents in any one hunt group.

Do Not Call (DNC) List Improvements

Clients can now add all connected calls to an internal DNC list with customized expiration dates. This feature reduces the likelihood that the same consumer receives multiple calls in a given window and is particularly useful for those clients who make multiple daily attempts to reach a customer. This feature also functions for customers who connected with an agent via an inbound call.

Additionally, agents now have the option to add currently connected phone numbers, other numbers in the record, and additional numbers to the internal DNCL list during an agent dialing session.

TCN offers free testing of its Virtual Call Center technology, including these latest innovations, to all takers. Call 866.745.1900, email sales(at)tcnbroadcasting(dot)com, or visit

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