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Hosted Call Center Pioneer adds a Trio of Innovative Efficiency Tools

St. George, Utah—In keeping with their long tradition providing consistent value through innovation, TCN Inc. announces the release of exciting new features to enhance call center efficiency.

Designed to maximize productivity, Campaign Linking takes the guesswork out of scheduling outbound calling campaigns, ensuring no downtime between them. Agents remain productive as they seamlessly move from the end of one campaign to the start of the next, eliminating time lost to schedule resets, and reallocation of focus and resources. And managers stay fixated on evaluating and improving overall performance instead of schedule changes. “In one instance,” says Terrel Bird, CEO of TCN Inc., “an agency running 5 daily campaigns with 35 agents is able to eliminate more than 20 lost FTE hours each day.”

Readily accessible and actionable performance indicators embedded in TCN’s Dashboard provide 10 real-time call center statistics for managers to clearly and quickly see where productivity bottlenecks are occurring. Powerful information available at a glance with ongoing live status updates and historical context allows for unprecedented opportunity to improve call center efficiency, giving supervisors the insight to make quick decisions about the next actionable step needed to not only meet desired outcomes but to exceed them.

Real Time Monitoring puts a potent suite of call center management tools into the hands of supervisors and managers to assess agent skills and then match them to the requirements of specific outbound and inbound calling campaigns. With one look the entire agency’s call flow can be viewed, providing unparalleled opportunity to allocate appropriate agent resources to the demands of each and every campaign.

“Sometimes we surprise ourselves with the enhanced features we are developing for our clients,” says CEO Bird. “These releases, available in real-time from the cloud at no extra charge, will drive call center productivity to heights beyond even our own lofty expectations.”

About TCN Inc.

As a leader in the hosted call center technology industry since 1999, TCN Inc. is recognized worldwide as the preeminent global provider of cloud-based virtual call center technologies. Their cutting-edge communication technology has rendered expensive hardware, subscription software, and crowded call centers obsolete. For additional information, visit

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