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TCN is the web-based, online contact center platform that hundreds of newspapers use to save money and boost productivity. Within minutes, you can interact with your subscribers with a simple call for situations like:

  • New Start Verifications
  • Credit Card Declined or Expired
  • Expiring Accounts
  • Non Payment
  • Sunday Select Audits
  • Late Delivery

Improved Subscriber and Retention Efforts

A recent analysis of a client’s retention calls showed instant communication with 71% of its at-risk subscribers at the end of their grace period. Among those with a live subscriber answering the phone, 53% opted to connect to the newspaper’s customer service department to resolve their subscription issue. These subscribers were saved for just 61 cents each allowing the newspaper to avoid the need for replacing them with pressure starts.

Additionally, TCN offers a Hosted Cloud Contact Center suite that provides predictive dialing, blended inbound/outbound campaigns, and Agent Gateway – enabling clients large and small to access world-class technology via a simple web site and secure login.

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Download the McClatchy Case Study to learn how TCN improved subscriber customer service and retention

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Interested in incorporating a voice and text strategy to your call center? Learn more about our Inbound and Outbound software to see if TCN’s cloud-based call center platform is right for you.

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