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Agent Gateway

Agent Gateway is an intuitive agent interface designed to simplify and streamline all aspects of an agent’s role in the contact center. From compliance tools and note-taking activity to gathering critical caller information to support the agent, Agent Gateway is ready to help them succeed. Whether they log in remotely or start taking calls from the main office, Agent Gateway:

  • Builds a dashboard of critical information for agents to use during the call
  • Prompts agents on key steps to first call resolution (FCR)
  • Prompts agents to complete actions to maintain compliance
  • Provides tools to document compliance data and call notes
  • Suggests tips for troubleshooting to optimize FCR rates
  • Quickly documents actions taken through easy-to-use checklists and fields

Behind the scenes, Agent Gateway manages daily workflow to maximize productivity and help meet target metrics. In less than a second, Agent Gateway can:

  • Calculate agent aptitude to connect the caller with the perfect agent
  • Route high-value customers to speak with best performers first
  • Route high-risk scenarios to agents with the highest First Call Resolution
  • Send complex calls to agents with the shortest Average Handle Time
  • Route heavily delinquent accounts to the best closers

Agent Gateway provides features and tools integrated into one user-friendly interface:

  • Remote call center login
  • Customized scripts and responses for all levels of agent experience
  • Agent transfer and conferencing options
  • Separate manager dashboards for monitoring and evaluating agent performance
  • Internal chat and instant messaging system
  • Manager-to-agent messaging and manager barge-in options
  • Digital notepads built into the employee’s dashboard
  • Call recording
  • Auto-pacing and timers
  • Agent triggers
  • Business Intelligence reporting

Through Agent Gateway, agent-customer interactions are closely monitored, allowing management staff to better analyze the overall success of a campaign as well as overall team performance.

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