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Why Your Call Center Needs to Make The Virtual Switch

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What is stopping your call center from making the virtual switch? The year 2020 alone has escalated call centers worldwide to change their software platforms dramatically. 

To be as efficient as possible, call center managers must look toward the future as old interfaces and integration can degrade agent progress. 

New Level of Customer Expectations 

Increased customer expectations can only mean one thing. Call centers need to fully integrate on a virtual call center interface to keep up with their customers. These integrations are made possible thanks to advanced cloud-based technology that keeps up with you. 

Every company tries to exceed customer expectations one way or the other. One way that virtual call center technology can help call centers reach their goals is by utilizing a predictive dialer. A predictive dialer can direct customers to the right agents with the correct skillset. It helps provide increased insight into how to best meet your customers’ needs. 

The WFH Transition

Call centers may be wondering if the WFH model will continue in the future as industries are already preparing for a post-pandemic transition. According to Forbes, only 7 percent of employees had access to a flexible workplace. As working from home has become more accessible for call center agents, there are new possibilities for increased productivity and efficiency.

Efforts for increased automation have helped call centers move forward in all aspects of optimal performance. As virtual call centers are becoming the new normal, contact centers can expect changes to occur in the next couple of years. 

Agent Training for Increased Performance

To get ahead of the game, call centers must put their agents at the forefront of everything they do. Continual training is necessary to keep track of KPIs and individual performance. 

Introducing virtual call center features might be daunting for traditionalists in the industry, but they exceed expectations time and time again as call center technology is rapidly evolving. 

To ensure quality assurance with customers, agents need to be trained on all things compliance. Agent Gateway, TCN’s all-inclusive agent interface, utilizes virtual call center technology to help agents maintain compliance regulations with ease. This way, call center managers can rest assured that all agent-to-manager communications are streamlined and tasks are simplified to improve agent performance. 

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