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Where to Find Quality Job Candidates Today

Where to Find Quality Job Candidates, Today

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Gavin Jones

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It’s no surprise that finding quality job candidates can be a challenging task, especially since the pandemic started over a year ago and shook up the entire job market. During this webinar, you will learn from a panel of specialists about how they continue to find qualified candidates to fill critical roles and what they look for when hiring during these difficult times.

Finding Quality Candidates

Businesses and organizations all over the globe have been forced to try new ways to find candidates wanting and willing to work. Those on the hunt for candidates are dealing with the hiring process and learning that one of the leading causes of the lack of prospects is the number of individuals collecting unemployment and the lack of people feeling the need and desire to find work. 

For many employers, it has been challenging to even receive resumes or people who show up for scheduled interviews. Here are a few helpful tips to help with the process of looking for candidates:

  • Open up a self-scheduler tool that allows candidates to schedule a time and day on their own. This will help them feel more inclined to want to show up.
  • Make sure communication with candidates is frequent and ongoing and that the process doesn’t drag on too long.
  • Meet and greet new candidates and engage with them to help put faces to names and feel more comfortable in a new setting.

Tools to Help Find the Right Candidate

Social media has become a big tool used to broadcast positions and get job descriptions out to a large number of people searching for work. This has made looking for candidates much easier than before the age of social media. You can even make sure your job listings are reaching the candidates you want, by running ads on Facebook to target a certain demographic of people. 

When it comes to job postings, shorter ads seem to be the way to go and have a better success rate at filling positions. When there is too much to read through, it can turn candidates off, and make them scroll down to the next one. The key is to make your job listings intriguing but keep them short, sweet, and to the point to attract potential candidates.

Discussing Job Benefits

Being upfront about job benefits, salary, flex scheduling, work environment, etc., is what most job candidates are looking for when they go to interview for a position. Bring those topics of interest up right away and get those looking for a job excited about starting the new position. Raising the starting wage of some jobs has led to employers finding more people willing to work and stay long term. Setting a standard about wages based on work performance will keep employees motivated and engaged in working hard when they know they can determine their own success.

Experience vs. Non-Experience

While some employers prefer to only hire candidates who have experience in the field, other businesses are hiring regardless of experience and are putting more focus on the strength of the interview and how they feel about an individual — regardless of how much experience they have. As finding candidates has become more difficult in recent years, beggars can’t be choosers, and some businesses are more open to take anyone who’s willing to work. It might be worth not focusing only on the amount of experience a person has, but rather focusing on who that person is and how they can bring value to the company.

The Future For Finding Quality Candidates

The workforce is always changing as technology and expectations evolve. It’s best for employers to do their part in staying caught up with the hiring trends and make sure their company and open positions are staying competitive in the industry. Oftentimes it’s a two-way street — you want to hire qualified candidates, and potential employees are looking for a job that treats them well. This is the new normal for now and is always evolving and changing as technology, and work expectations continue to change. It’s important to be upfront about expectations, benefits, and being open to finding a compromise that works for everyone’s situation.

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