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Operator 2024 Q1

What’s New in Operator Q1 2024

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We’re thrilled to announce some exciting new features we’ve rolled out in the first quarter of 2024. Among them is the deployment of cutting-edge AI technology. Whether you’re already utilizing these advancements or have yet to explore them, dive in and discover how they can empower your organization!

Compliance and Data Management

  • SMS Keywords: SMS keywords in Operator give you more control over your communication and compliance preferences.

Integrated Infrastructure

  • Bulk Assign skills: A new timesaving way to assign skills in bulk. View here.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Email can now be used as a 2FA method to increase security across your account. 

Integration Automation

  • Access Tokens: All API calls have an important security upgrade. Username and password credentials have been replaced with a more secure access token. View here.
  • P3 API: We’ve revamped the P3 API guide to be more user-friendly and informative. View here

Intelligence, Reporting & Analytics

  • Operator Dashboards: Individual users can now have a default dashboard with even more insights.
  • New Insights: Keep an eye on Quality and Risk reporting (WFO)and Omni channel insights by adding them to your default “mission control” dashboard.

OmniChannel Communications

  • Flow Builder: We’re excited to unveil the all-new Omniboss Flow Builder! This innovative tool empowers you to blend automated bot capabilities with agent-assisted text conversations using SMS, email, and Chat reducing FTE and increasing throughput. View here.

Workforce Engagement

  • Voice Transcription Improvements: Additional improvements were deployed to our transcription accuracy for audio captured in Spanish, French, and Indian dialects. 
  • AI-Generated Transcription Summaries: When viewing transcriptions, you can now access an AI-generated summary of the call. View here.
  • Transcription Feedback: Help our Machine Learning, help you.  Click to contribute your feedback and improve our transcription accuracy.
  • Learning opportunities: From any transcript, managers can quickly share immediate feedback for review in the Agent’s portal.
  • Multiphase Filter: We have added “OR logic” allowing any specified conditions to flag a call for notification or review.
  • WFO Add to DNCL: Flag-based, enhanced call compliance automatically monitors and adds numbers to a Do Not Call List (DNCL), ensuring swift action on cease communication cues.

Workforce Management –  Still accepting early adopters

Discover the impact of Operator’s new Workforce Management (WFM) suite on your organization with our Subject Matter Expert, Heather Jones. With over 20 years of WFM contact center experience, she can help you create a strategic plan using this innovative solution. Align staffing with call volumes for improved service, reduced costs, increased employee satisfaction, and enhanced customer experiences.

View the TCN Feature Summary to get a more complete list of features and changes.

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