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TCN Predictive Dialer, Outbound Call Center

What Integrating a Predictive Dialer Can Do for Your Outbound Call Center

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Harmony — everyone likes a good harmony, right? Whether in a song or the workplace, the harmony of different efforts working together makes things more enjoyable.

One key way to ensure harmony in your outbound call center is by implementing state-of-the-art features. Making sure you have a predictive dialer that can get the job done is one of the first steps to doing so.

Let’s take a look at a few things that integrating a predictive dialer can do for your outbound call center.

Eliminate Any Bias

  • Using an algorithm, a predictive dialer does exactly that — it predicts. It predicts the duration of each call and automatically assigns the next call to the first available agent.
  • All agents are able to handle calls equally and efficiently without having to choose which call to make next.

Enjoy a Boost in Sales

  • With a predictive dialer juggling the tasks of dialing and assigning, agents can exponentially increase their time speaking with prospective consumers.

See a Decrease in Human Error

  • Implementing a predictive dialer removes the risk of two agents calling one consumer or an answered phone call not having an agent on the other end.

Improve: Efficiency and Performance

  • Your agents do not need to take the time deciding which number to call, dialing it, or keeping an eye on the dialer system. They will be able to spend their time more efficiently on the phone with consumers.
  • Set up new call agents, hunt groups, and dialing campaigns within minutes. A predictive dialer system also screens out calls that reach voicemails, busy signals, or are disconnected — only directing calls to agents that are answered by a consumer.

TCN continuously breaks barriers to bring you the best technology to keep you ahead of the competition. TCN’s Predictive Dialer also aids in this and helps improve overall operations. Learn more about how a predictive dialer is the right fit for your outbound call center. Request a demo today.

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