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Voice Broadcasting As Part Of A Holistic Strategy

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The best tip to keep in mind is that Voice Broadcasting is a tool and needs to be implemented as part of an overall treatment plan that includes (or at least considers) other tools such as manual dialing, preview dialing, predictive dialing and blended inbound. As each application has benefits and restrictions, agencies should consider a holistic treatment strategy or they may be shortchanging ROI.

Voice Broadcasting is a fantastic way to “cherry pick” early cycle accounts that just need a simple reminder call with the immediacy of linking to an agent for escalation/ payment. It is useful throughout the life cycle not only for the responsive accounts but also as a low cost way to let non-responding accounts know that the agent is not going away while ensuring that every record gets a call. It can also be executed “agent-less” to let debtors “selfcure”. Paced at a trickle or at full speed, a Voice Broadcasting campaign can create a healthy buzz on the collection floor by supplementing any workload with more “inbound calls” bringing very positive and noticeable results.

Text to Speech to elicit more interest / action on each call

Many agencies are still not using dynamic Voice Broadcasting that uses pre-recorded messages and Text to Speech to identify the Right Party and elicit more interest/ action with the call. We all perk up when addressed by our own name, so does a debtor.

Add Outbound IVR

Take Voice Broadcasting to the next level adding IVR menus to empower and prepare the debtor with options to resolve the debt sooner. For example, “…If you would like to make a payment by check, press 1… by credit card, press 2…. by mail, press 3… online, press 4…”.

Rotation is key

Initiating Voice Broadcasting almost always yields great starting results. Rotation is key to keep diminishing returns at bay and maximize results over the entire life cycle of a debt. A rotation schedule should include:

  • Rotation of messages – The voice used, tone of voice, message variations, and dialect (accent, gender)
  • Rotation of company owned Caller IDs – Various Toll Free and Local Numbers

Compliance Matters

With the newly formed CFPB, more scrutiny and focus on compliance, agencies should also look for 100% call recording and built in scrubbing or automatic preview/manual dial mode for cell phones.

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