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Using IVR Technology for Customer Surveys

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Customer surveys are a timeless way to identify what your company is doing right and areas for improvement. Traditional mailed surveys, however, are a costly and tedious method of acquiring insight into your customers’ experiences with your company, products, and services. TCN’s robust Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows companies to conduct surveys while saving thousands of dollars on printed materials, postage, and man-hours. Customers and companies alike can benefit from a modern approach to customer surveys.

TCN’s cloud-based IVR technology offers dynamic options.

IVR technology allows companies to contact customers with an agile and targeted approach by taking context, demographic and contact history into account. Your customer satisfaction surveys can be initiated either by outbound phone calls, or they can be set up as a response to incoming calls from your customers. From a simple survey template to a more complex approach, your company’s particular survey goals will be taken into account as the survey is conducted. You can customize your customer surveys to include various details, even scripts in several languages.

Decision blocking enables companies to contact customers based on:

    • Time of the call
    • Phone number
    • Last dial attempted
    • Record data information
    • Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) input from the caller
    • Agent availability

Companies can also customize calls by party details:

    • Hold for the right party
    • Validate the right party
    • Various payment options

Finally, companies can opt for a simple or highly sophisticated design with:

    • Customized voice recordings
    • Menu selection
    • Routing options

TCN’s user-friendly IVR technology is fast.

What may have taken days, weeks, or even longer to prepare, produce, and review manually, can now be automated. TCN’s IVR technology can dial the entire list of recipients on your survey contact list within minutes, even if there are thousands of contacts on your list!

TCN’s robust IVR technology is easy to use.

Here’s how it works: You provide the survey scripts for each segment of your survey, and then each of those individual segments is professionally recorded. The IVR technology can easily be configured, copied, and modified in a matter of minutes. Likewise, TCN’s IVR technology quickly responds and produces updates within a few hours. Once the IVR is set, customers on your survey list are called. Then they are prompted to hit a designated number key on their phone and directed back to your center. Upon the completing a survey, results are reported back in real-time.

TCN’s cloud-based IVR technology is affordable.

You’re only charged pennies per call, and if a call is unsuccessful and doesn’t go through, you’re not charged for that attempt!

TCN’s efficient IVR technology is equipment-free.

All you need is an Internet connection. There’s no expensive hardware that you need to invest in, no additional staff you need to employ, and no contracts to sign.
TCN’s IVR enables your new and established customers to easily complete surveys via their phone keypads or by speech recognition. The IVR system can respond with a pre-recorded message that you wrote or through audio that directs your customers how to proceed with the survey. Best of all, it’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s user-friendly.

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