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2023 Call Center Trends

Top Trends Taking Over the Call Center Industry in 2023

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Call centers across the globe face many of the same challenges, from agent retention rates to customer satisfaction. With the new year comes new expectations, changes and trends for the call center industry. Here are a few trends we think will be most helpful to you in the coming year.

Leverage your most valuable assets

Efficient call center software is important for a functioning call center, but agents are your most valuable asset. We have noticed that consumers’ desire to speak with a live agent has increased year over year. According to our latest Consumer Insights about Customer Service survey, 49% of consumers still prefer to speak to a live agent, and 66% of Americans are likely to abandon a brand after a poor customer service experience, so the performance of call center agents is closely tied to brand loyalty.

Due to inflation — income disparities and unemployment — consumers want more from agents and there is an increasing need for resolving payments. While in the past, call center agents have often been viewed as expendable with high turnover rates; many companies have recently recognized the need and value of having quality, trained agents to serve customers. We believe we will continue to see organizations increasingly appreciate call center agents as essential assets.

The adoption of self-service models will grow

While many people still prefer to speak to a live agent for specific issues, there have been vast improvements in contact center technology to provide consumers with more options for customer service. If this past year is any indicator, 2023 will bring the industry’s continued adaptation to consumers’ needs for customer service solutions. Improvements and enhancements to AI capabilities, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), chatbots and omnichannel communications are only a few of the contact center tools that will continue improving operational efficiency. These will enable call centers to provide a better customer experience. 

Also, tying back to industry-wide labor shortages, we foresee these technologies allowing contact centers to do more with less. Chatbots are becoming more intelligent and, in turn, resolving many customer service issues without the need to introduce a live agent. 

55% of consumers said they are satisfied when using online chatbots to resolve a customer service issue. This is due, in large, to the speed and efficiency in which their issues can be resolved. With these automated options, consumers take their resolution into their own hands and in their own time. For basic problems such as payments or scheduling, there is no longer a need to wait through a long hold time or get transferred endlessly in circles trying to find the right person to resolve your issue. Advanced call center technology gives your consumers the solutions they want when they need them most while allowing agents to focus time resolving more complex issues. 

Stay up to date with the ever-evolving compliance regulations

There have been a number of changes to call center compliance regulations in the past two years alone. We have seen the emergence of Regulation F, clarifications in the TCPA guidelines, and the FCC rules on Ringless Voicemail messages. With the focus shifting to consumer-centered regulations, more in-depth regulations will be implemented to protect consumers. 

Contact centers need to stay current to remain in compliance. For example, Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAP), regulated by the FDIC will continue to evolve and have significant implications for the finance and banking industries. Contact centers now need permission to leave Ringless Voicemails.

Consumer protection is one of many driving forces of compliance changes. Call center software providers are constantly innovating and creating new technology to improve call center functionality. These new technologies will be given their own set of rules to ensure contact centers and consumers alike are protected.

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