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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

The Strategies and Benefits of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

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While following your call center’s game plan, cloud-based features help you rise to the top. One of those features is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), a sophisticated software that utilizes call routing on its blended interface. 

Nothing is worse than an agent unable to help the customer because of their lack of skill set. TCN’s call center suite focuses its attention on ensuring that the right call is going to the right agent. 

Take a look at the multiple strategies and benefits of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and how it can transform your customer experience.  

Designing the Perfect Routing Strategy

Call center managers must do everything within their abilities to help their agents execute their expected workload. It’s essential that your call center creates a routing strategy so that all your boxes are checked.  There are multiple indications to consider…

Where are your customers and agents located? 

What is considered as an appropriate skill set?

How can these skill sets be measured for optimal performance? 

TCN’s all inclusive software helps your organization execute your plan efficiently with your customers in mind. Skillsets may include language capabilities or certain previous qualifications that would help a customer. That is up to the manager to decide on how agents can be matched for a customer’s specific need. 

Benefits of Integration

Integrating ACD into your call center has never been easier. With its easy setup and accessibility, your call center will be ready to go in no time.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating ACD: 

  • Call Distribution – Incoming calls are distributed to the most qualified group of agents based on availability, customer needs, and agent skill set. 
  • Cloud Capability – TCN’s system is software based, eliminating the need for hardware or phone lines.
  • Call Routing – The routing is determined based on agent assignment and the aptitude you choose for each agent. You can prompt callers to ascertain the reason for the call and use their responses to target specific agents.
  • Custom Messages – You can customize hold music, agent whisper messages, even caller position announcements, and estimated wait time notifications.
  • Queued Callback – You can prompt your callers to receive a call back when an agent becomes available, instead of waiting on hold. We will keep their place in the queue and send the call to an agent to complete once they are available.

The Importance of Full Visibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown call centers for a loop. TCN’s software has been able to help call centers transition to the work-from-home model. It hasn’t been easy for everyone, but your organization can stay efficient and keep up on your customer base with advanced cloud-based features.More than ever, it’s time for your call center to start making adjustments to ensure quality assurance. Let TCN help your organization take the next steps for increased efficiency with every call. Request a demo today.

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