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The Difference Between Preview and Predictive Dialers

The Difference Between Preview and Predictive Dialers

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Spencer Peterson

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Before modern dialing solutions were created, there was only one, labor-intensive way to connect with customers — manual dialing. Agents would spend their days dialing each number from their list of leads, one digit at a time, before waiting for a customer to (hopefully) answer. When customers didn’t pick up, these agents would then waste even more time noting which customer didn’t answer and start the whole process again.

With high labor costs and money being leached from organizations through wasted downtime, it was time for predictive and preview dialers to take the stage. 

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is a powerful tool call centers use to increase productivity, reduce wasted time and increase the effectiveness in overall operations. This robust solution gives call center agents the ability to multitask without concern of performance regression by dialing multiple, pre-loaded numbers of potential customers, at the same time.

While agents are giving their current calls their undivided attention, TCN’s Predictive Dialer is in the background contacting customers, screening out voicemails and connecting live leads instantly to an agent. All without a thought from the agent. 

Armed with the right predictive dialer software, fast-growing contact centers can enjoy all the automation benefits this technology brings while minimizing their chances of violating regulations. Smart predictive dialers automatically populate Do Not Call (DNC) Lists and communicate with the agent dashboards to provide agents with information and tools for documenting compliance data and call notes. This process eliminates downtime between calls for each agent and regulates compliance by ensuring your contact center remains compliant with TCPA and Regulation F rules surrounding connection times and voicemails.

Take a look at how to navigate compliance with The Manager’s Guide to Call Center Compliance Regulations.

What is a Preview Dialer?

TCN’s Preview Dialer solution is the perfect option for contact centers that handle detailed customer communications. With it, contact centers can increase effectiveness, improve metrics and increase productivity across the board. When a call is connected to a live agent, a preview dialer presents agents with a pop-up display that provides instant access to all of the information they need to resolve any issues and customize each customer interaction with a personal touch.

This leap in customer service helps contact centers to increase conversion rates and first-call resolutions while decreasing call abandonment rates. Agents no longer need to struggle through a call, fumbling for the right pitch or scrambling for relevant information. There is no need to make the customer repeat information they have already provided, adding to their frustration, because it is all readily available. Not only do agents have access to past profile information, once connected, an agent can add additional notes to help move them further along the sales or customer support pipeline.

Predictive & Preview Dialers: The perfect pair 

The main difference between these two dialers are the base functions. While their end purpose is to increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, predictive dialers accomplish this by reducing wasted time and preview dialers do this by streamlining data accessibility and customer service.

Modern dialers are essential tools for call center managers looking to streamline their outbound calling operations with maximum flexibility. By combining these dialers and automatically dialing leads — disregarding dead ends and displaying essential customer information to agents — contact centers secure a massive boost to agent productivity.

Request a demo to learn more about TCN’s dialer solutions and how they can help you not only increase overall contact center efficiency and productivity, but also improve your organization-wide customer service.

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