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The Cloud: The New Future for Call Centers

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Gavin Jones

SEO Specialist

Call centers and tech companies all around the globe are shifting to a new and improved way of doing business through ‘The Cloud’. A recent study found that more than 70% of existing call centers in various parts of the world are looking to migrate to the cloud while letting go of expensive on-premise equipment. 

More people than ever are shifting to work from home roles. That, accompanied by the simplicity of the cloud, has many businesses focusing on cloud-based software for all call centers’ future. 

Getting Familiar With the Software

It’s easy to get lost in the ideology of what it might look like and how it functions when thinking about the cloud. The thought of a database storing information hundreds of miles away from where you are located can seem comprehensive and scary.

In reality, it simplifies business operations and makes for a better overall experience without dealing with the headache that comes with the hardware, equipment, and managing the software at an office yourself.

In 2020, a global pandemic shaped the way we live our everyday lives. Entire businesses and companies were forced to send their employees home to do the jobs they were accustomed to in an office atmosphere, surrounded by their colleagues. For some businesses, this was a drastic transition that required all sorts of planning and reevaluating and was a financial burden getting all of their employees equipped to work remotely. 

However, for companies that were already using cloud-based software and technology, the only thing that changed was the location in which the call center agent was sitting. This is the beauty of the cloud.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Cloud Has Your Back

Cloud-based software allows call center agents to work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection and an electronic device supporting the software. This allows flexibility and scalability and takes away the pain of dealing with the hardware and other issues that may arise in an office environment using outdated technology. 

Using cloud-based software and not relying on the equipment and hardware being on-premise, you can shift your focus and time towards the things that matter most for the business’s success. The built-in IT support that comes with cloud-based software provides all the help your call center needs.

Having 24/7 customer service makes for a stress-free experience, knowing you are taken care of. All of this and so much more help simplify the entire process for a call center and is the reason that the future lies within the cloud, and everything else is outdated and of the past.

Furthermore, cloud software is also very environmentally friendly and can save companies money and time in the long run. Who doesn’t like to save money and help save our planet where we live and operate our businesses? There is no reason not to be using cloud-based software, especially as it has proven to be the best option available for call centers. Implementing cloud software into a contact center is seamless and can be completed within a few hours.

TCN’s call center software is all-inclusive and easy to use and setup. It is quickly evolving and is the future of all call centers.

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