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TCN’s Cloud Contact Center Updates: Google Cloud, Salesforce, Ecliptics and Beyond

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TCN is committed to bringing contact centers the tools and functionality its clients demand. Learn how Speech Analytics, the latest Salesforce APIs, Ecliptics and CUBS can turn every call into a warehouse of useable data and customer insights—as well as a source for perfecting call processes.

Speech Analytics Tool

TCN’s Speech Analytics tool serves up rich search functionality through transcripts generated after every call. Search by speaker, keyword, phrases, timestamp, and other data. This incredible tool delivers insights into customers and can be used to:

Build detailed customer personas.
• Troubleshoot agent issues.
• Research on-the-spot compliance concerns.
• Review agent disclosure accuracy.
• Review agent processing methods and adherence to policy.
• Discover problematic phrasing and emotional triggers.
• Compare agent input to what customers literally said.

Usage Idea: Customer Personas
Customer personas are important because they allow businesses to target communications. Rather than speaking to a general group of people, businesses now speak a language that resonates with their ideal customer. The results speak for themselves; targeted communications often result in more satisfied customers and completed deals.

Usage Idea: Education and Training

Some agents learn by doing. Others learn by example. Regardless of learning style, though, Speech Analytics offers opportunities to improve agent performance. Managers and agents can look at transcript data, isolating what’s working and what’s not when it comes to interacting with customers.

Ecliptics and CUBS APIs: More Customer Data from Dial to Disconnect

The partnership between Ecliptics and CUBS could be a game-changer. The customized enhancements of the API include an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Data Dip. The function allows businesses to map customers’ journeys through IVR pathways, delivering not only insights into customers’ behaviors and preferences but also identifying opportunities for sales and pathways to issue resolution.

Usage Idea: Customer Journeys
Customer journeys coincide with customer personas, making the Ecliptics and CUBS API complementary to Speech Analytics. Now businesses can determine the identities and behaviors of their target customers, as well as discovering the coveted “original intent” of a customer call. The two pieces provide greater knowledge of customers and supply critical information at specific points along the customer journey. As an example, businesses could study customers in the late stages of the buying cycle to decide what communications motivate them to buy.

Usage Idea: Customer Satisfaction Score Triage
Data dips for customer choices, intent and their call outcomes can bring customers close to a negative result back from the brink. Combining Speech Analytics insights to IVR choices can reveal IVR pathway shortcomings, agent processing errors and follow-up errors. Fix outcome and disposition errors before they impact clients. Catch misspellings and data entry disparities between recordings and fields. Discover IVR choices that were unaddressed during the agent interaction and proactively solve them backend or with custom outbound calls.

Beta Salesforce API

While the Salesforce API isn’t fully active yet, businesses can take advantage of it by requesting beta access. Their input will shape the final integration (to be launched in May). The goal behind this update is to create a turnkey API that makes it easier for cloud contact centers to monitor, manage, and respond to their customers.

Unified Efforts

The Salesforce API helps businesses coordinate efforts. That is, marketing and sales no longer work in isolation; they work together to achieve goals, such as increased sales and larger profit margins. The API also incorporates other departments, including customer service and billing. Businesses can use that integration to guide departments toward unified communications rather than fragmented ones.

Personalized Sales

Salesforce primarily operates as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, so businesses should use it for that purpose. By exploring the API’s data, businesses can discover opportunities to upsell. The Salesforce API could also deliver insights into what products interest customers as well as the best time to contact them about said products.

With TCN’s latest updates, businesses will be able to improve their outreach efforts exponentially. Use these new and expanded features to identify sales-ready customers, develop relevant communications, and boost that bottom line.

Google Cloud: Resilient Operations Defined

TCN is migrating to the Google Cloud. This move is designed to offer five-star service for disaster recovery, carrier flexibility, uptime and overall service level enhancement. And Google’s security and compliance audits are nothing if not robust.

A Non-exhaustive List of Audits Undergone by Google for the Google Cloud Platform:

SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II:

• SOC 1
• SOC 2
• SOC 3 public audit report

ISO 27001:

One of the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security standards. Google has earned ISO 27001 certification for the systems, applications, people, technology, processes and data centers serving Google Cloud Platform.

ISO 27017, Cloud Security

This is an international standard of practice for information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002 specifically for cloud services.

ISO 27018, Cloud Privacy

This is an international standard of practice for protection of personally identifiable information (PII) in public clouds services.

FedRAMP ATO for Google App Engine

PCI DSS v3.2

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