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Call Center Agent Works From Home Using TCN Software

TCN: The Solution For Call Center Agent Scaling During Coronavirus Pandemic

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TCN’s Call Center Platform Enables Agents to Work On-site or At Home.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is throwing everything upside down. Health & safety, the economy, unemployment, and even mental health have all been affected. Call centers are no exception.

Thanks to TCN, businesses and call centers can build cultures and experience positive results—without spending thousands of dollars reinventing their workplaces or paying consultants.

They can start with a small-scale initiative, such as the call center platform. Once they achieve success with it, they can replicate lessons learned across their organizations.

Mobility is Part of the Answer

Mobility covers a wide scheme of initiatives. But it largely entails, as Microsoft says, “making it easier for employees to work how, where, and when they want.”

Cloud-based technologies like TCN’s call center platform enable the concept, allowing agents to work on-site or at home. These platforms work well in several scenarios, including businesses dependent on global workforces.

It can also help businesses attempting to reduce their carbon footprints or attract younger talent. If employed, businesses will need to research ways to engage remote agents to keep them connected with the company.

What is a Scalable Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Scalable cloud contact center software doesn’t need to be redesigned to perform effectively to handle a major increase in workload.

That workload may mean adding new agents, storing more customer data, increasing the amount of communication and customer profiles stored, or other changes that push the system past its capacity.

A scalable contact center system will handle everything you throw at it.

If a call center expects higher call volume, more hires, or needs more features that can support omnichannel initiatives, they’re going to need the software that deploys without a hitch.

In the case that legacy systems fail to scale, managers and directors can find themselves paying for expensive hardware upgrades and losing money during downtime for implementation.

The Benefits of Scalable Cloud Contact Center Software

Scalable cloud contact center software also delivers flexibility and power – but most importantly, it will meet your needs under budget.

So, how’s it work?

True scalability empowers contact centers to prepare and deploy features they absolutely need, no more and no less. A huge number of systems require contracts that include features you’ll never need – and you end up locked in for years at a time.

Also, one stress-busting benefit to a scalable system is its low complexity.

Without extra features and functionality that won’t be used or needed, directors, agents, and managers can reduce unnecessary training time, systems familiarization, IT hassle and more keeping your teams free to do the work that pays the bills.

Even better, a flexible system streamlines and organizes data without a heavy lift.

When cloud contact center software is being used to store and track data, it’s all represented in one dashboard. The top competitors in the contact center software industry let you add any new data streams or quickly realize multiple data visualizations from a single dashboard.

The Topper: Scaling Through TCN’s No-Contract Experience

For organizations still contemplating (or in dire need of) a new, powerful contact center platform, the allure of effortless scaling might be weakened by the idea of getting into a new relationship – even worse, a new contract.

But, don’t stress about it. Here are a few secrets as to why your competition chose TCN.

  • There are no year-long obligations – not even to start.
  • Clients only pay for what they use.
  • You can stop and start the platform or any feature usage in moments.
  • All usage and fees are transparent and real-time.
  • There are no monthly minimums or licenses.
  • 5-man teams can use the same cutting-edge platform as 1000-seat enterprises, without enterprise-grade price tags.
  • You’ll always have access to a huge range of valuable features.

Support, flexibility and transparency all combine to make TCN one of the most scalable systems on the market. Want more information? Getting ready for that new client? Find out why call center execs are moving from on-premise solutions to the cloud in this free Cloud-Based Call Center Software eBook.

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