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TCN call center software recap

TCN Monthly Recap – October 2020

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Marie Christenson

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As the government weighs in on clarifying what the TCPA is intended to cover, sources also offer advice for maintaining focus during the distraction of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conversations are now turning to questions about what the future holds and if working remotely will be implemented permanently, even post-pandemic.

Industry Trends

Take a look at everything you need to stay up to date with recent call center industry trends, all in one place.

Government Agrees TCPA Only Covers Random Dialers

The U.S. Government recently weighed in on the Supreme Court TCPA ATDS debate. Instead of continuing to question whether or not the TCPA is constitutional, they took a look at what the TCPA is truly intended to cover. The government has clarified that the TCPA only applies to random fire dialers. While this doesn’t mean it is time to pack up and go home, this shows that TCPA regulations are progressing and businesses are getting better clarification.

How to Keep Your Organization Focused During Disruption

The many changes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have thrown businesses for a loop. When so many things are unknown and feeling chaotic, it can be difficult to keep focused on what matters most. Salesforce shares how keeping customers at the center of attention can help maintain service and quality. Focusing on your clients can keep your contact center inspired and resilient.

The Future of The Call Center

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all ends of the world, everyone is wondering if things will eventually return to what they used to be. In the contact center world, some of the changes that occurred as sudden solutions might be here to stay. The pandemic quickly forced organizations to implement the WFH model into their call centers, and a recent survey of customer service organizations shows that 86% plan to make WFH permanent. Paying attention to how well employees fit emotionally and psychologically into a work-from-home environment will be essential when it comes time for deciding the next steps of your call center.

New TCN Resources

Along with providing industry-leading cloud-based technology for call centers, TCN provides countless insights and resources available to all. Whether it’s strategies for improving customer service, TCPA guidelines, or a recent platform update you don’t want to miss, TCN has you covered. Take a look at recent blogs you might have missed.

What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)?

An Automatic Call Distributor is an essential part of a call center’s software system. From handling and answering incoming calls to routing them to a specific agent or department, an ACD helps improve efficiency and performance. TCN uses the latest advancements of ACD cloud-based software to route calls to agents with the right skill set. Doing so maximizes agent abilities and ensures that customers get the best experience.

TCN’s Software Helps With Debt Management and Collections

Collection agencies are always looking for ways to increase revenue and recovery rates. TCN’s cloud-based software can help debt management and collection businesses achieve optimal success. The built-in features of TCN are designed to help organizations pay attention to detail and maintain TCPA compliance. With a state-of-the-art IVR system, debt management and collections can collect over-the-phone payments easier than ever before. TCN works hard to develop new technologies that meet the need of contact centers in every industry.

With the countless features TCN has to offer, it’s bound to be the right fit for your company. Offering 24/7 support and seamless integration ensures a positive experience for everyone. Learn more about what TCN can do for your contact center today.

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