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TCN is Committed to Excellence and Its Customers

TCN, Committed to Excellence and Its Customers

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Author: Darrin Bird

At TCN, we provide a platform that empowers organizations to deliver the best service to their consumers. Customer service is the foundation that every successful business is built on, and TCN is no exception to this. To ensure our clients get the most out of the platform, TCN focuses on providing three pillars of excellence: product, price and customer care. These are the pillars that TCN was founded on and our business continues to grow through a culture of staying fast and flexible.

The drive to change

Many times, when a business starts to look for a new provider or makes a change, it is assumed that they are changing because the technology they are using is subpar. More often than not it is usually a result of a few things: a lack of care/concern clients feel from their current provider, the costs of products or surprise fees popping up everywhere and the lack of flexibility in contract terms. These are the issues that really drive contact centers to look for a new provider. 

This is not to discount the issues with technology, as many organizations that have switched to TCN were also looking for software that had flexibility for changes to system-related inquiries, ease of use, changes to functionality or features and overall increased system stability. At TCN, we strive to address each and every client’s needs by focusing on our three foundational pillars.

Customers come first

First and foremost, we focus on customers and their needs. Our teams are set up to service clients from start to finish with no hand-offs, so our sales and support team knows your account and your business inside and out. Clients will never be left to “figure it out” on their own. From the first day of implementation and through every market change or industry challenge, TCN’s teams are available to keep your system up and running — rain or shine.

Our customer service is available to every account at no charge or additional service fees. Each client gets the same award-winning customer service 24/7, from the very first customer to the most recent addition.

In speaking with our founder and CEO, Terrel Bird, he said, “We still have our very first customer from 22 years ago when we had just started and were still figuring out what we were doing. I sent out a sales rep to sit with the client and help them build a system. Now, all these years later, they still use TCN, and we have loved growing our relationship with them and all of our clients over the years.”

While TCN didn’t start as the biggest, most well-funded software provider, it is the personal attention that TCN gives each organization we work with that has set us apart from other providers — driving new business and standing as a testament to the team we have assembled to serve our customers.

A product curated for call centers

TCN’s second foundational pillar focuses on delivering products our customers need and making them the best they can be. One of the things that set us apart from all the rest is our attention to the needs of customers. We build products to be flexible and adaptable for any business in any industry. Customers are encouraged to share the challenges they are facing or needs they want to be met, and TCN helps adapt existing products to meet those demands or adds the needed solutions to the product roadmap.

Implementing TCN’s platform and solutions can be accomplished in as little as a day and customized by customers themselves or with the help of our team in real-time. Time is money, which is why we ensure that implementation requires as little time and money as possible.

Jesse Bird, TCN’s CTO put it best when saying, “At TCN, we don’t just want to sell you our product. We want to help you achieve your business goals by building you the perfect solution to your biggest problems.”

Paving the way for pricing models

Unfortunately, it is common practice in many businesses to sell items and services in packages that may include products consumers don’t need or want in an attempt to upcharge and increase profit margins. The frustration surrounding this practice is why we established the final pillar.

TCN operates on a pay-per-use model with no contracts, installation fees, service fees or maintenance fees. Customers only pay for what they use. With this model, clients are free to start and stop service with no cancellation penalties, add or remove products hassle-free and scale their agent volumes to match their needs — all at the drop of a hat, with no fear of additional charges. 

At TCN, we have committed to keeping our payment model contract free to allow for maximum flexibility and transparency. There will never be any hidden charges, and customers will always be able to see how their money is working for them. With our no strings attached approach, knowing we need to win our clients’ business every day motivates us to continue improving and doing our best.

What to expect with TCN

While each client is unique and has their own challenges to overcome, there are a few noticeable benefits that many of TCN’s customers have experienced after implementation.

  • Ease of use – Intuitive dashboards that help agents get started right away.
  • Improved data management – List Management and Journey products allows for data integration in minutes/hours vs days.
  • Configuration vs code – Make changes on the fly, usually without the need for a TCN rep
  • Cost reductions through RPC, A2P – Reduce costs by increasing right-person contacts and implementing automatic messaging.
  • Compliance and consent tools/functionality – Making, automating and implementing compliance rules is easy and customizable.
  • Proactive support – Seamless onboarding and confidence that TCN will provide the right solution.

TCN is here for you

At TCN, we challenge the status quo and ask the question, “Can it be done better?” 

With so many businesses unhappily stuck in multi-year contracts, with a lack of customer care and attention, the answer is yes. It can be done better. This is why our commitment to excellence is driven by our commitment to our customers — and that’s something that will never change.

We are here to offer more than just a big name to our clients. TCN is here to provide every customer with the best product, at the best price, with the best customer service in the industry. Contact our team to learn more about TCN and what you can accomplish with the freedom to grow your business your way.

About the Author: Darrin Bird

Darrin is the Chief Operating Officer at TCN Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide. Within this role, Darrin is responsible for overseeing all business operations, establishing best practices across sales and account management teams and driving execution. With more than 17 years of experience in the IT and software industry, Darrin has a proven track record of building and mentoring high performing teams, increasing capital, creating strategic plans and implementing organizational structure.

Darrin began his career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) through the California Board of Accountancy. He received his bacheloräó»s degree in accounting and finance from Brigham Young University. A family man that enjoys spending time with loved ones and participating in outdoor recreation, Darrin is also very involved in philanthropic activities such as working to mentor youth in his community.