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Resolve to Implement Business Intelligence in your Call Center Technologies in 2017

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Terrel Bird


2017 is right around the corner, and with a new year comes new resolutions. From people spending more time with family to maintaining a gym membership for longer than three months, we all want to start the new year off right, but, when it comes to resolutions in the call center, that’s a whole different ball game. As 2017 approaches, you need to plan to increase first call resolutions as well as strengthen your resolve to streamline efficiency and operations as the clock strikes midnight. So, what can you do? Add Call Center Business Intelligence technology and it will most likely keep your yearly goals on track, leading to increased efficiency and streamlined operations.

Why You Need Business Intelligence In The Call Center

Business intelligence is the art and science of putting big data to good use. The better you get at it, the smarter, faster, and wiser your organization will be. However, it can be difficult to implement without robust call center technology.

Platforms that integrate high-end BI functionality like those from TCN deliver results because they combine and visualize data from across the organization for easy and accurate digestion. When you log into the dashboard, you see the metrics that matter, whatever they may be, and that results in the ability to make decisions that matter—faster.

Every organization’s needs and goals are different; what one prioritizes, another dismisses. When looking for a call center technology platform with business intelligence functionality, ensure there are features that enable the configuration of your organization’s custom rules and logic so you can create a much larger and longer-lasting impact.

How Business Intelligence Helps You Keep An Efficiency Resolution

Efficiency and productivity remain desirable goals, with a slightly increased emphasis being given to personal performance. Because managers understand that employees performance affects the organization as a whole, they seek ways to improve it.

One way occurs via call center technology. Arming employees with the right technology encourages, empowers, and enables. Work no longer is impossible but achievable. They accomplish their work and go home satisfied.

Business intelligence aids the effort. With modern call center technology, individual agents can monitor their performance historically and in real time. Managers and owners can access the data, too, offering opportunities to step into hairy calls and communications. They also can provide feedback that improves personal efficiency and productivity.

How Business Intelligence Streamlines Operations

If you aim to streamline operations and cut expenses in 2017, business intelligence will help. It easily and quickly identifies potential bottlenecks and pain points within specific departments and the organization.

That is, business intelligence looks for relationships in the data. The bottleneck could be an integration with a CRM tool and accounting software. Business intelligence pinpoints the problem, giving you a chance to not only correct but also improve.

Business intelligence, after all, should be used to increase profits as well as cut costs. And it can, if you use it to affect the top and bottom lines.

How Business Intelligence Aids With Other Call Center Resolutions
Perhaps your call center resolutions reside outside the realm of efficiency and streamlined operations. That’s fine. Fantastic, actually. Business intelligence can and should be applied to other objectives.

With business intelligence, you can measure and manage items such as the following four.

1. Financial value
2. Productivity
3. Risk
4. Trust

You can do so because business intelligence is malleable. Business intelligence can measure almost anything, as long as you have the correct data and metrics in place. Whatever your goals, business intelligence helps you acheive them.

You can think of business intelligence as a coach. You never work alone when it’s by your side. It gives you achievable milestones so that efforts don’t falter three months into the year.

Business intelligence, simply put, keeps you on track in the short term, and that always leads to reaching long-term goals and objectives: more informed decision-making; efficient, productive, and satisfies employees; and streamlined operations.

Ready to keep your call center resolutions in 2017? Check out the TCN platform and see how its blended technology, custom logic, and business intelligence will thrust your organization toward lowered operating expenses and increased profits.

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