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Powerful Customer Service Solutions For Your Inbound Call Center

inbound call center solutions

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Inbound Call Center Solutions

Genuine customer service is a lost art, and when it comes to tech companies that interact directly with their customers, they need to be exceptionally skilled at customer service. Once any conversation transforms into a phone call, effectiveness and quality can drop rapidly.

Most everyone has had the experience of calling an inbound call center, hoping to find solutions to their problems and working with a fantastic agent who goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide incredible customer service. Others aren’t so lucky. Some companies struggle due to personnel issues, while others have difficulties because of the software platform they are using. No matter how amazing the agent, if the wrong call center platform is employed, customer service will struggle.

Hardly anyone likes to call a contact center unless they have to, and when they do call in, the last thing they want is to be placed on hold or deal with an agent who is untrained, unhelpful, or who didn’t want to come into work. Most people can tell when they are dealing with someone who isn’t concerned with genuinely helping them out.

Everyone can tell when they are speaking with someone in a call center who is more interested in checking their social media feeds than helping customers solve their problems. The trick to offering the kind of customer service that most people find helpful is to provide your call center agents a software platform that keeps them engaged and interested in helping their customers.

TCN’s award-winning call center software does just that. TCN offers the best call center technology available. And, not only is the platform technology superior, but the ongoing service and dedicated 24/7 support team is right there beside you at no additional charge. TCN offers the best customer care in the industry and is proud of our record of attentively listening to our customers.

TCN is easy to use and even easier to implement regardless of where your agent’s physical location is.

Benefits For Any Business

  • All features included in every plan
  • Deploy at-home agents quickly
  • No year-long obligations – not even to start
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Start and stop platform usage whenever you need it
  • All usage is transparent and real-time
  • There are no monthly minimums or licenses
  • Add seats instantly
  • Free premium support, 24×7
  • Use the same cutting-edge platform as a 1000-seat enterprise, without the enterprise price tag

Inbound, IVR, and Self Pay Options

TCN’s inbound call center solutions allow for simple or sophisticated design to handle each situation.

  • Direct customers to an auto-payment that is entirely self-service
  • Advanced routing for at-home agents
  • Customized messages on the fly
  • Line and call forwarding built-in

Using TCN’s inbound IVR is more efficient and cost-effective, safeguarding your most valuable resource – your employees. Hands down, TCN’s contact center software solution provides the simplest to use and most full-featured IVR system in the industry.

Improving customer service in your Inbound call center doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive with TCN. Seamless integration and 24/7 support can have you up and running in days, not weeks or months.

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About the Author: TCN

TCN is a global provider of a comprehensive, cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) and collection agencies. Founded in 1999, TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call centers with a unique approach to pricing – no contracts, monthly minimums or maintenance fees – that supports rapid scaling and instant flexibility to changing business needs. TCN’s contact center platform, TCN Operator, features a holistic set of easy-to-use, automated agent tools and advanced apps for omnichannel communications, workforce engagement, compliance & data management, integration & automation, intelligence, reporting & analytics and collaboration & accessibility. TCN is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and enterprises of all sizes in multiple industries in many countries.