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Modern Consumer 2022 Survey

Understanding the Modern Consumer 2022 Survey Results

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

With the dust settling on the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are still grappling with labor shortages — making positive customer experiences more important than ever. Even so, customer service has appeared to improve in the eyes of consumers. 

According to our 2022 survey, half of the respondents believe the coronavirus pandemic has positively impacted customer service. Our survey last year revealed that consumers overwhelmingly prefer interacting with a live person when dealing with customer service reps. This year’s survey reveals that is still the case. Still, we found consumers are increasingly comfortable using self-service options and chatbots, whether they’re checking a balance, paying a bill, looking up an address or resolving simple requests. 

Keeping up with consumer expectations and monitoring the consumer experience is crucial to improving operations. Dive into what consumers reported about their experiences dealing with customer service and discover ways to set your business apart from others.

To view the full survey results, download TCN’s eBook, 2022 Consumer Insights About Customer Service.

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