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IVR and ACD: The Dynamic Duo of Call Center Technology

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They say that two is always better than one. As call center technology is ever-evolving,
different types of features come and go. However, IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) always come together to elevate each other with
their individual features. Thanks to cloud-based technology, these features can be used
for their maximum potential.

How is IVR implemented?

With IVR, using the assistance of an operator is out of the equation. Customers can use
the prompts given by the IVR’s automatic software to obtain information and answer any
inquiry they may have. For example, customers can pay bills, check account balances,
or change a password without ever speaking to an agent. Using IVR in a call center can
increase productivity for agents, allowing them to spend their time on more complicated
customer issues that cannot be resolved by using prompts.

When an organization experiences a call influx, the alternative for call centers is hiring
extra agents to carry the workload. Hiring more agents isn’t necessarily the most
efficient way to carry an organization’s productivity. Using IVR to handle the more trivial
inquiries an organization receives, can increase call center agents’ productivity and
make a call center manager’s job easier.

While an IVR system provides prompts for the customer to follow without the help of an
agent, they can easily connect to a call center representative if they need further
assistance. If this is the case, ACD comes in and finishes the job.

What about ACD?

When a customer needs to speak to an agent, ACD routes calls to the appropriate
agent. This is determined by the agent’s skill set, the customer’s language preference,
or other criteria that a manager can customize using this feature. When these calls are
going to agents with the specified experience that the customer needs, call time is
reduced, and customer inquiries can be solved efficiently.

This feature can be especially useful if a call center deals with a high volume of inbound
calls. The ACD system can ping different types of calls to qualified agents, no matter the

While calls are being routed, ACD ensures that customers are never being held on
silent. Managers can select music or other “whisper features” to make sure customers
know that they are being heard. TCN’s platform also allows managers to track KPI’s and
agent performance in real-time.

The Implementation of ACD and IVR

Being that both of these features are cloud-based, there is no hardware required. As
long as agents have an internet connection, there is no worry about replicating
hardware needed to match the equipment used in a typical on-premise call center
workspace. TCN’s cloud-based interface does not require any complicated hardware,
which is extremely beneficial for work-from-home agents during the COVID-19

These features are integrated seamlessly to complete a call with maximum efficiency —
thanks to the advancement of cloud-based technology. Managers are able to recognize
the benefits of using cloud-based features, and their agents can too.

See how implementing these two features can improve a call center’s performance.
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