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Agents Analyzing Online Transcription Services

How Your Call Center Can Utilize Online Transcription Services

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“How are my agents performing?”

“What are some roadblocks that can be solved with online transcription services?”

Don’t let valuable conversations with your customers go to waste. Online transcription services log and record insights that may have gone by the wayside without the right cloud-based tools. Without the right data to get you started, it will be harder for your call center agents down the line. Luckily, TCN’s call center suite can help you utilize your online transcriptions to your advantage. 

Why Online Transcription?

Real-time data insights are no longer hard to come by. Call center managers can monitor their agents’ performance with TCN’s all-inclusive platform. Transcripts are made available immediately for agent training and monitoring

Assisting your agents this way helps you find compliance issues throughout calls can help you stay out of other risks and possible lawsuits. 

When the data is collected, it can be challenging to know the next course of action. Call center managers need to look at their metrics and find what will work best with their specific needs.                                                        

A Sneak Peek at TCN’s Speech Analytics 

Throughout your data discoveries, you may find room for improvement in terms of customer behavior. To know what your customers need from your agents, in any case, it’s best to listen to them. Utilizing specific keywords from the transcripts can help you pinpoint any errors or habits that your agents can slip into.

TCN’s Speech Analytics makes data discovery easy with rich search tools. It allows you to see areas where you’re improving and others that need a second glance. 

Real-time analytics are not only for the big dogs. No matter the size of your call center operations, online transcriptions are adaptable to your needs. TCN’s Speech Analytics and other features are via a pay-as-you-go system which allows you to start and stop whenever you want.  

Why wait to get started? Online transcription services are ready at your fingertips with TCN’s innovative cloud-based call center software. To ensure excellent customer service and agent performance, it will become critical to managing your data efficiently. 
Request a demo today and see how TCN can help you aim higher.

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