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How Newspapers are Raising Revenue with Call Center Software

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Call center software helps companies connect with customers at a much greater success rate than the old manual method of having a person dial each number. Print news is no exception. By automating the new start verification process using call center software, newspapers save time and money. The automated process also initiates an opportunity for customer service resolution. This proactive approach to service makes happier customers who are more apt to renew once their subscription expires.

Cloud Contact Center Provides Variety of Services

A web address and secure log-in are all that stands between newspapers and a state of the art suite of applications that bring marketing and service into the 21st century. Newspapers can initiate their own inbound or outbound telemarketing campaign, take advantage of predictive dialing, and improve their customer service ability by accessing the technology available in the Cloud. Newspapers currently use call center software for dealing with expired accounts, billing issues, customer service audits, and late delivery.

Call Center Software Boosts Productivity

By the use of predictive dialing you can keep your customer service and sales agents busy all the time. The dialer routes the live call to the next available agent, making sure customer wait times are kept to a minimum. By cycling through no-answers, busy signals, and hang-ups, automation helps your professional agents spend more time talking on the phone and less time trying to get an answer.

Provide Comprehensive Training Environment

Along with boosting productivity of your best agents, you can also use call center software to train new agents and monitor their performance. Managers and trainers can listen to live calls, interrupt the call when necessary, and record all calls for future review. By providing all customer info at the moment of connection and having scripted responses on hand, you set your agents up for success.

Use Recorded Calls for Big Events

Are you putting out a special Sunday section? Is the paper sponsoring a community event or political debate? Utilize the call center software to its utmost capability by sending out a recorded message to all your customers and potential client list. This not only makes sure you deliver a finely-honed script, but also frees up your agents for more important customer issues.

Inbound Calls Routed Efficiently

Use of the inbound call center software feature ensures customers are routed to the proper agent for a particular problem. Typically, agents with different skill sets handle delivery, sales, billing, and advertising. Not having your customer end up in voicemail Armageddon makes your newspaper look good and improves customer service reviews.

Blended Solution Takes Advantage of Top Agents

Using a call center solution that blends the inbound with outbound campaigns is sometimes best for newspapers with a smaller customer service staff. Agents can be on an outbound campaign until an inbound call comes in, interrupting the outbound activity at the next available opportunity. This also provides your agents a variety of calls and helps them cross-train in different departments. A blended solution also allows the use of home-based operators, cutting down office space costs.

Stay Within the Law

Using an experienced call center software provider also helps you adhere to the regulated Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. This law restricts telephone marketing to certain hours, requires the maintenance of a do-not-call list, and creates other regulations designed to protect the consumer from unwanted phone calls. Violators are subject to fines of up to $1,500 per incident. A qualified call center service provider is well versed in all aspects of the law and will ensure your company is not subject to fine or other penalties.

Download the TCPA Compliance Checklist eBook to keep your agents and call center on track with the new TCPA regulations.

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