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How Cloud-Based Technology is Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

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Welcome to the age of the customer. Consumers are more empowered than ever before. They hold knowledge in their hands – and on their wrists. They can contact your company and customer service representatives in ways once only envisioned in novels like 1984 or Minority Report.

Customers today expect to do everything when and how they like, from paying bills to interacting with service departments. They believe that a tweet is as important as a phone call or text message. While customers should be treated well and respected across all communication channels, some companies lose sight of that. They extol excellence in customer service as a virtue, but struggle to implement it without the aid of modern cloud-based technologies.

Such tools, including TCN’s hosted call center platform, revolutionize the customer experience. With these solutions, you gain the ability to track interactions with customers across multiple channels, all while streamlining processes and improving communications efforts.

Real-Time Communication

The “always on” mentality has seeped into every industry vertical, from healthcare and manufacturing to consumer goods and automotive repair. Your customers expect you to be available at any time of day, via any channel for a timely, if not in-the-moment, response.

With cloud-based call center technology, you can meet the pressure for real-time communication. The practice delivers abundant advantages: happier customers who stay loyal to your brand and products or services.

You’ll also see happier employees. They’ll no longer struggle to follow customers’ needs or conversations. Instead, they’ll have all the pertinent data, across communication channels, displayed in an easy-to-read and parse format.

Streamlined Processes

Bottlenecks and friction points occur in any industry. But their existence isn’t set in stone, nor should they be allowed to continue. Modern technologies, including those for the call center, make it possible to pinpoint inefficiencies and solve for them.

Streamlining processes is good for everyone involved. Your agents find their time is better spent, making them more efficient and productive. Managers have easy access to data and reports. Those improvements lead to not only positive impact to the bottom- and top-line, but also business intelligence (BI) that can be used to inform decision-making.

Relevant Messaging

Customers want to hear from you; however, they want to receive messaging that matters to their personal and work lives. What good does an email about baby products do when they have no infants at home? Or what about a text message offering an upgrade for a TV service they’ve never opted to have? The communications ring hollow, making them wonder if their loyalty to you is worthwhile.

You can prove it is with relevant messaging. A cloud-based call center solution allows you to parse customer data and segment by almost any data point. That one customer might never want a TV upgrade, but they could be induced to buy with an offer for a new phone or enhancements to an existing mobile plan.

Enhanced Customer Service

Customers avoid service departments for a variety of reasons, but one motive tends to always surface in feedback surveys: hold times. Customers despair of resolution when stuck in limbo with hold music and no information on when they can realistically expect to speak with a live, human being. They either wait for 45 minutes to speak with a call center agent — which does nothing to improve the frosty mood of the subsequent interaction — or they give up and end the call.

Modern call center technologies improve this aspect of the customer experience greatly. You can use TCN’s platform to provide updates on wait times, keeping customers on the call and engaged. You can also use it to set up a callback feature. Customers can leave a message when wait times are unbearable and set up a callback time that is convenient for them.

Improved Customer Control

Customers don’t actually want to call you all the time. They’d like to be able to manage their information on their own, particularly for something simple like refilling a prescription, adding a new reporting feature to their bank account or changing their address. And they’d like to be able to manage those things across devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones and smart watches.

You can give them that control with cloud-based call center technology. Through it, you can facilitate actions across email, text and phone. The capability results in an improved customer experience, but it offers advantages to the business, too.

Your agents and call center managers will have access to improved customer data across multiple channels, and all within a single record, which helps agents have more productive conversations. The increased data also allows for more targeted messaging. You can reach out with relevant offerings and see a correlating uptick in sales and customer satisfaction.

But that only happens when you embrace the cloud and the technologies housed in it. They allow you to revolutionize the customer experience, leading to transformational improvements internally and externally.

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