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Free Support From Your Platform Provider Should Be Non-negotiable

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

From onboarding new agents to handling customer concerns, it’s no secret that contact centers have a lot on their plate.  The last thing these contact centers should have to worry about is surprise fees for essential training or a sudden charge for services they used to get for free. Unfortunately, these are trends that are growing more common and affecting contact centers globally.

TCN is one of the few call center software providers that offers free award-winning service with no hidden service fees and a commitment to honor its unique no-contract pricing model.

The growing trend

Some providers have begun to exclude training and customer service in their pricing plans, leaving customers feeling abandoned and trying to fend for themselves to avoid additional costs. This can create a variety of issues for contact centers as they try to scale their business and adapt to changing needs because simple, everyday tasks are now complicated and costly. 

TCN’s approach

TCN has always approached its business model with a customer-first mentality, focusing on providing great products with contract-free pricing and unmatched customer service throughout the entire relationship. Because of this focus, TCN users have access not only to the platform, but also to training and learning materials for each solution at no additional charge.  This commitment is supplemented with 24/7 customer support through dedicated account management teams who work tirelessly to answer questions and resolve concerns.

Providing the tools a business needs to succeed and including them in the cost of the product gives users greater convenience and peace of mind while enhancing the value of what TCN has to offer. It also goes a long way in building long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction through demonstrated commitment and respect.

The value of comprehensive training

While it is important to have user-friendly software, it is also essential to provide training to help users understand the ins and outs of what makes a call center platform special. Additionally, training users can help them discover and utilize features they were previously unaware of, empower them to become power users and teach them to fully leverage the product and service. Another key benefit to providing training to users is that it can preemptively reduce potential frustration or dissatisfaction that stems from a lack of knowledge, leading to a better overall user experience.

The importance of excellent customer service

Because user experience is so important, customer service is not an area of a business that can or should be cut back on or withheld. When users don’t have to worry about the cost of getting help, they are more likely to ask for and receive effective resolutions to their problems.

While this might seem like it just leads to more work for the provider, it will help prevent users from feeling the need to find a different platform that meets their needs better. With built-in training and service, providers further their own business interests and empower their users to grow and take advantage of all they have to offer. Building a reputation as a provider that offers exceptional customer support can foster positive word-of-mouth and lead to more business.

There is no excuse or reason to withhold valuable tools and assets from customers. TCN understands the importance of always putting customers first and building a business around them and their needs. 

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