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Distinguishing TCN from Other Cloud Call Center Software Platforms

TCN Cloud Call Center Software

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Author: Abbie Tabbilos

Gone are the days when cloud call center software was hard to come by. Today, shopping for the right fit involves sifting through a highly saturated market.

To make the sift easier, take a look at what sets TCN apart from other cloud-based call center software platforms.

Pricing is done on a case-by-case basis to save you money

The price of implementing and using TCN Operator is completely customizable to your organization’s needs. This means you will never pay for something you do not need. In addition, TCN doesn’t use a contract model because it wants to earn your business every day, not make you feel stuck. 

Competitors may offer several different bundled options, allowing the client to choose the bundle that most closely matches their needs. However, even if you only need one solution, you would still have to pay for the entire bundle of products.

TCN strives to be the perfect match for you. Whether you need one of TCN’s solutions or seven, they will be offered it to you at a fair price, with individual price per use, and without a startup fee. Additionally, TCN’s pricing is based on the amount of agents you have, meaning TCN Operator is scalable for both small and large businesses.

You won’t find a better support team

Although many cloud-based call center software platform solutions offer 24/7 support for your team, TCN offers a unique approach. 

The average tenure for TCN account managers is 14 years, meaning you will be with someone who understands your organization’s unique needs for the long haul. Some of TCN’s clients have been working with the same account manager for over 13 years.

In addition, support is not just there on an “as you need it” basis. The account managers will walk you through each step, from choosing TCN to being fully up and running (don’t worry, implementation can be fully complete in as little as one day).

TCN makes compliance easier than any other

Your job is to ensure your agents are able to handle company communications smoothly, not to spend time reading and following complex compliance rules.

With TCN Operator’s Natural Language Compliance tool, you will have smart algorithms on your side to enable you to build rules in your own words. After typing out a rule, TCN’s Compliance Engine will take care of the rest.

This solution is an industry first. 

Real-time data customization, augmentation and automation is now possible

Many organizations spend a lot of time organizing, reviewing, processing and preparing important data. List Management Services allows you to handle your data all in one place and in real time.

The List Management Services solution allows you to reduce the possibility of human error while being more consistent with your compliance. Utilizing this will help save you money by eliminating the need to hire specialists and IT staff to sort through your data.

Why TCN?

TCN’s endeavor is to provide not only the best technology but also the best service. In fact, TCN prides itself in providing the best customer care in the industry.  A dedicated team will help you cater TCN Operator to your needs so well that you will believe the software was made especially for your business.

Searching for a cloud call center software that is the best fit for you can be overwhelming. Consider these four unique characteristics of TCN Operator, an award-winning cloud call center software platform, when making your choice. Schedule a demo to learn more.

About the Author: Abbie Tabbilos

Abbie Tabbilos is a Marketing Content Writer for TCN, a worldwide leading provider of cloud-based call center technology. As a Brigham Young University-Hawaii graduate with a B.S. in Communications & a minor in Professional Writing, she enjoys arranging elaborate ideas into precise sentences. When she’s not at work, Abbie enjoys working on her memoir and refining her public speaking skills.