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call center software

Call Center Technologies that Revolutionize the Customer Experience

call center software


In today’s world, customers depend on technology more than ever before. New technologies have surfaced to help meet customers’ needs due to the effects of COVID-19.

As much as these recent changes are unexpected, organizations are taking advantage of these changes to revolutionize the customer experience. Call centers are now meeting challenges that are requiring dramatic changes to management and agent workload.

How IVR and ACD Optimize Customer Interactions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are home more often to answer phone calls. Technologies such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) help customers throughout phone calls and give the agents opportunities to provide further assistance if needed for optimal customer service. IVR helps agents stay on the phone and handle sensitive issues while still ensuring compliance.

Even when private information is being shared, such as secure account information, your customers will feel more comfortable providing necessary information when they know that the proper precautions are in place. This is done by sending customers secure links to enter their confidential information and ensuring that information shared is omitted from permanent records.

In a perfect scenario, the best agent is always available, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. ACD helps customers and agents resolve inquiries with efficiency in mind. Assigning the proper inquiry to the right agent is critical for reducing call wait time.

An ACD system routes calls to the right agent as well as the right department. With TCN’s ACD, managers can set calls to go to the right agent with the correct skillset. Skill sets could include language capability and previous experience that would be helpful when handling a call.

Call Centers Making The Switch To The Cloud

TCN helps call centers worldwide to reach their customers amidst unexpected challenges. See how a TCN client has benefited from making the shift to cloud-based technology.

“Overall, [our] experience with TCN has been very positive. Their customer service and support staff have been stellar. We are also very pleased with the performance of the platform, as well as, the ongoing innovations introduced. In response to recent events, a large number of employees shifted to work at home. With the advanced VIP ACD/Dialer solutions provided by TCN, the move was transparent to the staff. All of [our] telecommunication services hosted across five geographically dispersed call centers were securely transitioned to work at home without incident.”

-Operations VP @ A Financial Services Company

What’s better for an organization than utilizing technology that helps them save money and cut down cost? The opportunity to reach your customer base is easier than ever before — thanks to advanced call center technology.

For over 20 years, TCN continues to evolve and adapt new technologies to fit customer needs. Find out how your organization can elevate the customer experience by requesting a demo today.

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