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Call Center Solution Strategies for Success in Today’s World

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In today’s world, everyone is on-the-go, always to the next objective or goal. Call centers are no different. With new emerging technologies changing internal operations, flexibility has never been more of an important factor when deciding a cloud-based software. An easily accessible interface for agents and managers isn’t just a dream but a reality. TCN provides powerful solutions to help your call center cross the finish line. 

Here are some aspects of the TCN solution that offer strategies for success. 

TCN’s Premise

Cutting-edge is TCN’s middle name. TCN is continuously creating new technologies to help call centers exceed customer expectations. With its easy setup and cost-effective platform, call centers take advantage of solutions that their competitors either don’t utilize or have access to.

TCN understands call center managers’ needs by providing real-time analytics through its layered cloud-based software integration.  

Business Intelligence

Tracking your metrics and results are as important as implementing a platform in the first place. TCN’s call center technology is designed to ensure that industries can always count on the information received. 

Upgrading to TCN’s Business Intelligence allows managers to create custom dashboards and automated reporting. 

Questions such as… 

How well are my agents keeping track of KPIs? 

What improvements could my agents make to ensure top-tier compliance?

 …and many others can be answered by analyzing the data stored from TCN’s Business Intelligence. 

Take a closer look at how a financial services company simplified its operations with TCN’s BI Suite: 

“Nobody wants to sit and look at 5 or 6 different spreadsheets throughout the day. With the ease of use and being able to provide the information that you want, TCN’s BI Suite has been a huge difference in how I look at the day to day processes. It changes how I view everything. It has cut my daily workload in half!”

– Steve Larson | Advance Financial

TCN’s powerful centralized system keeps everything your call center needs in one place. Monitoring your team’s performance has never been easier since making the switch to TCN’s hassle-free platform. 

Agent Gateway: TCN’s Agent Interface 

Supporting your agents starts with the right platform that simplifies their role in your organization. Agent Gateway is TCN’s agent interface that provides tools and prompts for managers and agents to track every call’s critical information.

Here are some of the countless benefits of integrating Agent Gateway:

Benefits of Agent Gateway 

  • Builds a dashboard of critical information for agents to use during the call
  • Prompts agents on key steps to first call resolution (FCR)
  • Prompts agents to complete actions to maintain compliance
  • Provides tools to document compliance data and call notes
  • Suggests tips for troubleshooting to optimize FCR rates
  • Quickly documents actions taken through easy-to-use checklists and fields

Along with these benefits, your call center can rest assured that the tools provided are easy to use and are entirely customizable to meet your organization’s needs. You can count on TCN’s interface to help your organization strategize your next steps to success. 

The day-to-day workload can be overwhelming due to call influxes and employee turnover. Luckily, call center managers can rely on cloud-based solutions to simplify and streamline operations for overall efficiency. Find out how your call center benefits from TCN’s call center solutions suite by requesting a demo today.

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