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Bridging The Gap With Omnichannel

Bridging the Gap with Omnichannel Chat Solutions

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Marie Christenson

Lead Content Writer

Conversations are crucial. They are essential to building relationships, gathering feedback and driving business success. This is especially true when it comes to customer experiences, where a successful and pleasant conversation can go a long way in creating customer loyalty and retention. Technology advancements are playing a significant role in how businesses interact with their customers and how to create the best experience for them. 

Need to return something you bought online? Can’t log in to your account? Need to pay a bill or make an important adjustment to an account? This is where conversations with customer support come in, when having a simple and straightforward way to get help is crucial. On the backend of things, customer service agents having the right tools to help also goes a long way.

Contact centers are the backbone of customer service, with floor agents doing their best to attend to every need and inquiry while ensuring customer satisfaction. The right call center software that offers a robust omnichannel chat solution can make or break an agent’s ability to serve consumers promptly and effectively. Utilizing an omnichannel chat solution in your call center helps improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue and agent efficiency. 

Keep customers happy with convenient chat support

An omnichannel chat solution is a method of communication that is becoming increasingly more common in call centers, enabling businesses to communicate with their customers through text-based chat conversations in real time. As consumers’ needs change, so must your contact center. It’s essential to listen to your customers and meet them where they are in the way of offering additional methods of communication and ways to contact your organization. Providing customer support via channels such as text, email and chat opens up more possibilities for your customers to get real-time support. 

Even a situation as simple as: A consumer in an inappropriate setting for a phone call needs to resolve an issue or get the answer to a question through customer support. Luckily, the organization offers online chat with a call center agent from the comfort and convenience of their own phone. It’s as simple as that; the consumer has a quick and positive experience interacting with your business.

How does omnichannel chat help call centers?

Providing positive customer experiences is the bread and butter of an omnichannel chat solution. Communicating with consumers through their preferred method and from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere) provides a more personalized experience than waiting on hold and listening to music on a loop for extended periods.  

Utilizing a chat solution also has benefits that run deep on the contact center side of things. Using TCN’s Operator platform, call center agents can serve multiple customers simultaneously, jumping from one chat conversation to another as customers reply. Chat conversations are also flagged based on priority to ensure agents serve the right customers at the right time. As a result of maximizing agent time, you can also reduce customer wait times on other channels and keeps things moving smoothly.

Contact center managers have a comprehensive view of what conversations occur with reporting and analytics that provide real-time data. TCN’s reporting dashboards are customizable, so you can always know what’s going on, no matter where the conversations are taking place. Flags and alerts also help notify of training needs or compliance risks so nothing gets out of hand. 

Choosing the right solution for you

Ultimately, selecting the right chat solution starts with a bigger picture: selecting a call center software that provides omnichannel solutions and reporting that meets your needs. Deciding on a software provider should not be a quick decision, it takes time and research. Learn more about what TCN’s software has to offer and how it can meet all of your call center’s needs by requesting a demo today!

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