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A No Contract Experience That Will Save Your Call Center

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

For me, this is a topic that plagues so many partner vendors today — locked-in contracts, required minimums, and complacent support.  

Does your current call center software vendor have your best interests in mind? 

COVID-19 has brought the worst out of many vendor partners, especially those providing a SaaS platform. Promising flexibility on contracts, minimums, and ongoing support, but later to find that those things you’d expect come at a cost or extension of a contract. 

As a call center owner or manager, you should never feel like your partner is taking advantage or have their hands waiting eagerly for more with little-to-no negotiation. 

Over the last few months, customers and owners have told me that they cannot negotiate or even opt-out of SaaS contracts and minimum usage. When I heard about some of these experiences, I had to check what year it was. Being strapped to a contract is troubling in so many ways. The whole point of the cloud is to scale up or down as call center fluctuations occur. 

Say no to dated contracts from the 90’s. 

Enter a new way

In the age of the cloud, you expect to have built-in flexibility, efficiency, and a call center software that provides value. With these advantages of being in the cloud, your call center will see an instant increase in KPI performance results, lower cost, and agent turnover. And like mentioned before, scale.

TCN’s promise

Founder and CEO Terrel Bird recently shared about the power of the cloud. “The philosophy of the cloud is flexibility and scalability. Why abandon these virtues with inflexible contracts? Plus, once you’re locked into a contract, your provider has every incentive to become complacent. TCN has to win our clients’ business every day.”

Since the beginning, TCN has always provided a call center platform with core principles in mind, flexible pricing, and benefits for any size call center. Regardless of size, you will receive the customer attention and support needed to succeed. 

TCN’s cloud-based call center software enables clients to utilize the entire suite of the TCN platform, Operator. TCN Operator is a robust cloud-based software designed for call center omnichannel communications, workforce engagement, business intelligence reporting, compliance, and data management. All of these are built with an integrated infrastructure that gives your call center flexibility on IVR, agentless payments, and compliance management, to name a few. 

TCN is committed to providing the best possible call center software and flexible benefits. 

Flexible Pricing and Benefits

  • All features included in every plan.
  • No year-long obligations – not even to start.
  • Only pay for what you use.
  • Start and stop platform usage whenever you need.
  • All usage is transparent and real-time.
  • There are no monthly minimums or licenses.
  • Add seats instantly.
  • Free premium support.
  • Use the same cutting-edge platform as a 1000-seat enterprise, without the enterprise price tag.

In true cloud fashion, TCN offers free testing and no-obligation demos of its cloud call center software.

Request a demo today and start experiencing a trustworthy cloud call center provider with your best interests at heart.

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