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A Customer-Service Match: Outbound Notifications and Cloud-Based Call Center Technology

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McKay Bird

Chief Marketing Officer

The customer experience is the centerpiece of any call center. It makes for happy customers, and happy customers stay with you business and share their stories with friends and family. They become advocates for your brand, all because of a little thing known as customer service.

But that little thing isn’t always easy for call center agents to achieve. When customers call in, they typically have a problem that needs to be resolved. They might have a question about a purchase or insurance benefit. They could be trying to confirm an appointment. In more difficult situations, they might be calling about a bill. Whatever the motive, when they call, they want an answer – now.

Cloud-based call center technology can help with that part of the equation. Through customer data profiles and analytics, call center agents can create a personalized inbound customer experience. However, using the solution for only the inbound part of the equation causes you to miss out on its benefits for the full customer experience.

Cloud-based call center technologies enable organizations to facilitate and manage the customer experience and journey inside and outside the call environment. Rather than waiting for customers to call, you can take a more proactive approach by implementing outbound notifications.

A blended call center solution can help your company automate phone calls about appointments, send text messages that a prescription is ready or distribute emails with shipping information. In doing so, they increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers and clients may not enjoy calls and texts that interrupt their day, but they do like to receive information that’s relevant, useful and exciting to them.

TCN’s outbound notifications solution, TCN Notify, helps create these value-added touch points. With TCN Notify, you can get the word out about anything without any upfront costs or investments in hardware or software, all thanks to its cloud-based delivery.

Peak Performance, Always

TCN Notify is scalable, so it can quickly and easily adapt to your needs. It can make thousands of calls per minute without negatively impacting performance (speed) or capacity. When you need to share information about a sale or upcoming event with a large client list, the solution can tackle the task with ease.


Segmentation, or targeting, is a step towards personalization. By segmenting an audience, you address specific needs and pain points. This makes customers feel known, which increases not only their satisfaction, but also loyalty and sales.

With TCN Notify, segmentation is easy to do. You can segment call lists by preferred criteria, including age, demographics, geography and purchase history. If you’re having an event in Atlanta and only want to contact callers who have made a purchase in the past six months, you can do that with our cloud-based technology.


Personalization completes the process begun with segmentation. Agents can customize calls or other communication with a recipient’s name and other information, such as a birthday greeting, appointment date or offer tied to demographic data (recent college grad, new mom, et cetera) or purchase history. This further cements the relationship and creates a positive customer experience.

Customized Mapping

If you don’t want to start the outbound notification process via a call list, you don’t have to. With Customized Mapping, call center agents can select specific geographical areas on a map. TCN Notify will instantly generate a customized call list based on the parameters. The feature is of great benefit when trying to get out information about an emergency, product recall or service update.

Real-Time Reporting

It’s important to know how outbound notifications are performing so you can improve existing and future campaigns. Real-time reports give detailed information that can be customized for particular data points. For example, if you want to compare how well calls made during one time period are preforming versus those made at another time, TCN provides the data and real-time reporting your agents need to ensure call performance is tracking according to expectations and goals.

Polls and Surveys

Polling and surveying customers has never been so easy as with TCN. Call center agents can create customized call lists of current and potential customers and automate a prompt for user feedback and opinions. Confirmation keys make it easy for call recipients to complete polls/surveys via phone. Equally important, TCN tallies results in real time. This means that you can use the answers as part of an online scoreboard, turning the poll/survey into a game for customers to play.

Build a Holistic Customer Experience

TCN Notify supports an almost endless number of applications. You can announce new products, such as an updated smart thermostat. Perhaps you’re in the nonprofit space and need to invite past donors to an upcoming gala. Medical facilities need an efficient way to send appointment reminders. Parents might like to receive notifications about their students’ attendance or immunization needs.

The possibilities are endless for call centers and businesses alike with TCN’s outbound notification capabilities. From surveys and polls to personalized outreach, TCN’s Notify solution helps organizations of all sizes create a holistic customer experience that engages customers, forges a true bond and keeps them coming back for more.

To see TCN’s blended inbound and outbound capabilities in action, request a free demo today.

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