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5 Ways Voicemail Delivery and Blended Accelerate Business

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When call center agents contact customers about appointments, missed payments or a promotion, they often brace themselves for declined calls and tense conversations. But what if they could increase callbacks without wasting time on either scenario? With voicemail delivery and blended call center technology, businesses can accomplish just that.

Here are five ways voicemail delivery, combined with blended call center technology, improves customer calls and enhances business operations.

1. It’s Easy

Some technologies feature a steep learning curve. TCN’s voicemail delivery doesn’t. Called VocalDirect, TCN’s direct-to-voicemail tool makes contacting customers easy.

1. Select the appropriate contact list in the Agent Gateway, the online dashboard.
2. Upload or record a message. Some businesses set up multiple messages, making it easier to reply to specific situations with a preset script.
3. Schedule the voicemail delivery—done!

Once scheduled, the message goes directly to voicemail. “Directly” is key; the customer’s phone never rings, guaranteeing customers receive the necessary communication. The customer can then respond, either calling the contact center back or taking another action, such as making a payment or confirming an appointment.

2. It’s Efficient

The previous section hints at a way voicemail delivery improves call center efficiency: mass scheduling. With VocalDirect, a business’ call center can send thousands of voicemails per day. This means call center agents no longer spend hours chasing customers about something as simple as an upcoming appointment. Instead, they can focus on more complex issues, such as when a customer calls in with a question or concern.

But efficiency occurs in another way. When combined with blended call center technology, voicemail delivery reduces time and friction when the customer decides to reply to the voicemail. Rather than searching for the call center’s contact information on a bill or email communication, the customer simply dials the number that accompanies the voicemail.

That efficiency continues upon connecting with the call center. The center’s routing technology pairs the customer with the agent best suited to the call. As a result, the customer spends less time, if any, on hold, which enables not only greater efficiency but also higher customer satisfaction. No customer, after all, wants to wait several minutes when worried about a bill, appointment, or purchase. Thanks to voicemail delivery and the blended call center, they don’t have to.

3. Omnichannel

Integrating voicemail delivery with blended call center technology delivers advantages besides ease and efficiency. It also enables omnichannel communications. This is important because omnichannel efforts ensure customers receive the same experience across communication channels.

TCN’s voicemail delivery service coordinates with traditional calls, text messages, and email campaigns. As the call center joins those pieces together, it develops a comprehensive approach that controls all inbound and outbound communication efforts. Customers don’t use a single communications channel to get things done anymore. They seamlessly transition from voice to text, and from text to email. Contact centers must do the same if they wish to increase callbacks and profits.

4. Intelligent

But to increase profits, businesses must employ something other than educated guesses or instinctive, and often impulsive, reactions to customer needs. That “something other” finds its home with business intelligence (BI).

Business intelligence generally offers rich analytics and insights. But TCN’s BI component specifically tailors to call centers and businesses with call center operations. The additional enhancement results in call centers and businesses receiving the data and information that matters most to them.

It also produces businesses and call centers that can proactively respond to customers. For example, BI, when aligned with voicemail delivery and the blended call center, allows businesses to view and manage contact campaigns in real time. They can then respond to those conditions in the moment, as well as refine future communication efforts. They then monitor and manage the campaign again, looking for ways to improve callbacks and collections further.

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5. It’s Compliance Enhancing

TCN’s blended technology features other compliance-enhancing measures, such as cell phone scrub. The technology removes cell phone numbers from contact lists, lowering compliance risk.

A final compliance aspect relates to voicemail delivery’s nonintrusive nature. Customers never receive calls at odd hours or feel that their day is disrupted by a telephone call. Rather, the calls land directly in their voicemails, allowing customers to listen and respond when it’s convenient for them.

Voicemail delivery and the blended call center serves businesses and call centers in at least five ways. But most businesses that use the two pieces of technology discover other, unique methods that allow them to grow and profit. Businesses interested in learning more about the technology should contact TCN at +1-866-745-1900.

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