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5 Ways Call Center Business Intelligence Speeds Up Return on Investment

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Few businesses purchase call center technology without considering its return on investment (ROI). Instead, they define their business goals and needs, and then compare possible contact center solutions. A couple of technologies rise to the top – usually the ones geared toward recouping an investment the fastest. One common element to the winner’s circle? Call center business intelligence (BI).

BI measures historical and real-time call center performance, informs business decisions and speed up ROI.

Call Center Business Intelligence Reveals Performance History

Historical data acts as an internal benchmark, which can be useful. Businesses know, concretely, where performance has improved, worsened or plateaued. The knowledge helps businesses make process changes where they are needed. BI like TCN’s can easily handle tracking call metrics, attendance metrics, performance metrics and provide them in regular reports, making keeping all levels of leadership simple and elegant.

Performance history helps on another level, too. Call center managers and directors can examine data on an individual, team-wide or division-wide basis to find how well they hit key performance indicators (KPIs).

Call Centers Gain Real-Time Floor Awareness through Business Intelligence

Businesses need up-to-date data, especially when operating a call center. Call volume often changes rapidly, from a flash flood of calls to a slow trickle. Real-time floor awareness helps in two ways. First, it prevents the mad dash to busy lines. Second, it eliminates tapping on a desk while waiting for a call to come in. Real-time monitoring helps managers effortlessly shift agents from inbound to outbound calling efforts, assess if blended call flows would make more sense, and track the factors that feed into meeting SLAs.

Real-time floor awareness also aids the call center in another way. Managers can look at the latest data, searching for agents who may be in need of a break, spot-training, or a different responsibility.

Client and Company Deliverables

Client and company deliverables cover a vast range of things. In the call center context, deliverables sometimes relate to right party contacts, promises to pay, dollars collected and resolved customer concerns. Other times, deliverables refer to successful change management, as in the case of moving a call team dedicated to customer service to collections.

Call center business intelligence gives detailed information about those deliverables, helping anyone from small business to enterprise call centers make a larger impact on their workforces and customers. The impact doesn’t diminish over time. Rather, it grows, promoting positive cash flow and business growth.

Call Center Business Intelligence Powers Employee Forecasting

Employee forecasting helps businesses better predict the number and type of employees needed to fulfill a particular business objective. The holidays, for example, usually require more “hands on deck.” Employee forecasting ensures a business hires the right number and type of employees without hurting the budget.

Cost Monitoring

Some call center providers, including TCN, provide real-time cost information about calls and campaigns. Here we’ll briefly mention TCN’s style of handling cost monitoring. Cost monitoring and reporting come integrated with the platform from the start. The level of detail includes each live call with a live cost-tracking number actively updating in real time. Entire call campaigns can be monitored as well, which helps set growth targets and can raise awareness on campaigns that are underperforming.

Call center business intelligence offers massive rewards. Businesses that use it improve their forecasting, monitoring, real-time awareness and deliverables. And when that improvement happens, ROI is never far behind.

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