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5 Benefits of Having a Cloud Contact Center

5 Benefits of Having a Cloud Contact Center

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Rowing upstream on a river is tough, and without paddles, it’s impossible. That is what being an on-premise hardware-based call center feels like surrounded by a world in the cloud.

Not only is the world naturally moving further and further into the cloud, but COVID-19 has also made it impractical to be based solely in a single location.

Check out these five benefits of having a cloud contact center.

1. Reliability

Even with power outages and machines malfunctioning, data gets safely stored and preserved in the cloud. There is no need to worry about natural disasters, and your team can retrieve the stored data whenever they need it.

2. Data Security and Compliance

While moving to a cloud-based service provides many benefits, some believe this shift will increase the security risks for contact centers’ clients. It is essential to keep safety in mind. Cloud contact centers can utilize IVR or a payment portal that allows agents to remain on the phone while ensuring secure transactions and data entry, with no risk of client information leaking. These cloud-based systems provide PCI compliance and also allow for the monitoring of calls to ensure more professional customer service without the need to have a manager walking a center’s floor listening to every agent.

3. Cost Efficient

There is no need to pay for hardware with a cloud contact center, alleviating the need for onsite IT, office space, and workspace maintenance. Software updates are automatic and remote; therefore, scheduling time for someone to update your system and long downtimes are just a bad memory when updates can be done automatically whenever it’s convenient for you, with little-to-no downtime. 

4. Flexibility

Cloud-based contact centers allow for agents to work remotely from anywhere with a stable network connection. There is no tether to a single office or even country. The ability to function without a physical office also increases scalability.

5. Scalability

With the ability to expand beyond the office’s four walls, your cloud contact center can grow or shrink to meet the market’s demands. From 25 agents to more than 200 and back again, introducing a cloud-based system to your contact center helps you fit in whatever space you need.

TCN offers cloud-based solutions that provide these five benefits and more, resulting in great customer experiences and satisfaction.

“Telarus has been able to enhance our hosted contact center offerings to our sales partners through our relationship with TCN,” said Meagan Thai, Telarus Director of CCaaS and UCaaS Solutions. “The breadth of technology available on TCN’s platform, along with being cloud-based, gives our partners multiple solutions to allow their customers’ contact centers to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. This has been critical over the last year, with most agents transitioning to remote status. In addition, being able to leverage their pay-as-you-go model has allowed our partners to meet the needs of their customers better.”

Take the initiative and see how TCN saves you money, improves productivity, increases your data’s security and allows you to adapt to the ever-changing flow of challenges contact centers face.

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