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3 Tools that Electrify Call Center ACD

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The ACD system is a brilliant tool.

It effectively routes calls to agents using a variety of methods such as:

  1. Programmed Distribution – when a call center creates a custom distribution for their call center based on factors such as language, issue, topic or goal.
  2. Round-Robin Distribution – when a call center distributes calls to agents in a specific order.
  3. Idle-Agent Distribution – when the call center software ACD System identifies agents who have taken the fewest calls.
  4. Weighted Call Distribution – when agents in the call center are given a “weight” that is based on their skills, seniority, expertise, etc.

And there are many tools that improve the effectiveness of the ACD system. We present 3 of them below.

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for Agentless Customer Solutions

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is the #1 tool to enhance the effectiveness of an ACD system.

The IVR is the first thing a customer will interact with.

It will greet them and then present them with a variety of options so the caller can direct themselves to wherever they need to go.

Options may range from the billing department to customer service to IT technical support.

The IVR will also ask them right away if they’d prefer to hear their options in a different language, such as Spanish.

Now here’s where IVR shines when paired with call center ACD.

When paired together, they can do something called skills-based routing.

What this means is the IVR system will give all the options chosen by the customer over to the ACD system. Then the ACD system will determine the best agent to route the customer to, based on their unique needs and the issues they’re hoping to resolve.

The best part is that data and manager oversight can create a highly accurate view of all the floor agents’ special skills and most recent training.

It all combines to make skill-based routing a path to rapid customer experience improvement and outstanding customer service.

2. Call Monitoring and Recording for Consistent Improvement

Routing calls to an agent who can resolve problems and complaints quickly is only half the battle. Monitoring those calls, recording them, and using those recordings to improve agent performance is the other.

Even experienced agents need ongoing training and coaching from their managers.

Call monitoring lets managers listen to live calls to develop understanding of their agent’s weakpoints, identify non-compliant language during sales, repayment or upgrade conversations – really any conversation where precise legal language and clearly expressed consent are important factors.

Another benefit of call monitoring is that the manager can insert themselves into a conversation if the agent is floundering and needs help solving an issue – but managers can’t listen to all conversations their agents are having all of the time.

For that reason, call recording is needed.

Call recording allows managers to record and playback any or all of the phone conversations that happen in their call center.

This lets managers analyze the calls, spotting problems in a conversation and gives a window for insights based on agent activity within the call. TCN’s call recording also automatically transcribes calls and tags keywords/no-go words like “unacceptable” or “lawyer,” etc. Also added to this arsenal of tools is silence flagging and emotion tagging, both powered by powerful algorithms trained from thousands of calls.

However you choose to use this tool, it certainly enhances the power of call center ACD.

3. Workforce Optimization Tools to Improve Agent Performance

TCN’s Workforce Optimization tools pull in customer experience data from phone calls, emails, IVR choices, chatbots – anywhere the customer has interacted with your system or agents.

It also records all voice and screen activity during calls!

This takes call monitoring and recording to the next level.

Call center managers and supervisors can now deeply address problems that arise by listening and/or viewing the whole interaction an agent has with a customer to identify issues and build the foundations of data upon which informed decisions stand.

Workforce Optimization tools also bring together Business Intelligence (BI) data collection, keyword monitoring, and even sentiment analysis.

When integrated with an agent dashboard, they allow agents to rapidly improve their performance. Of course, it also improves the functioning of the ACD system.

Here are some of the top features of our Workforce Optimization tools:

  • Interaction recording – collects data from customer interactions (i.e. call, email, web chat and back office work).
  • Quality monitoring – compiles data from phones and agents’ screens to help managers assess service quality levels.
  • Analytics – dashboards and advanced speech analytics with performance management reporting.
  • Coaching – enables routine on-the-fly coaching to be delivered right to an agent’s desktop and headset.
  • eLearning – an easy-to-use tool for contact centers to create a custom, targeted library of training clips.
  • Workforce management – provides forecasting and scheduling functions, adherence and cost tracking tools.

Where Can Businesses Get All 3 of These Tools in One Service?

Each of these tools on their own would help any call center increase productivity and performance. Together, they help organizations climb to higher levels of customer service, training, and productivity.

For those of you who want to see the proof in the pudding, we’ve put together a case study that shows how our services tripled the profits of an organization powered by TCN.

Inside we’ll show:

  • How call centers can easily save money on hardware, installation and maintenance fees using our cloud contact center services.
  • How TCN provides on-the-fly adjustment capabilities for call trees and load fluctuations.
  • How TCN opens opportunities to improve agent KPIs in real-time.

Curious? Download this case study showing how TCN triples call center’s profits today, and see for yourself!

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