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A Unique Solution to Assist Visually Impaired Call Center Agents

The call center industry is full of innovative solutions for a variety of challenges – from ensuring that call centers are running efficiently to more effectively using company data to gain insights into agent performance.

And some solutions help guarantee that all your call center employees can do their best work and by providing them with the tools they need to do their job. One such tool is TCN’s VocalVision, which helps visually impaired call center agents shine.

Visual Impairment at Work

Visual impairments don’t have to hold employees back. Among adults who have significant vision loss, less than 40 percent are employed. The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires employers to provide a reasonable level of accommodation to employees with vision impairment and other disabilities.

Each employee’s needs will be different, but some common accommodations for visually impaired employees include:

    • Adjusted lighting


    • Using voicemail or email messages instead of written memos


    • Computer modifications, like screen reader software or screen magnifiers


    • Large print or braille materials


    Large monitors, scanners, and other adaptive equipment

VocalVision ensures you are able to hire the most qualified employees. VocalVision is optimized to work with Job Access With Speech (JAWS), the most widely used screen reader. JAWS also enables users who can’t use a mouse to navigate their computer screens. Using hotkeys, users can navigate through VocalVision, and tones signal when a call has connected.

“Once an employer sees that a worker with a disability can do the job, they understand what a good fit it can be,” said Susan Carmichael, Senior Client Liaison and Human Resources Specialist for Insperity. “Employers see that they want what every other employee wants: to be independent and provide for themselves.”

Happier Employees Help the Bottom Line

Study after study shows that happy, engaged employees lead to more profitable and successful companies. Researchers found that front-line employees should be your top internal priority to help your business succeed.

Making sure your employees have the resources they need to do their jobs is an essential first step. VocalVision provides tools for:

Agent Dashboard
Manual Dial
Reporting and Call Analytics

An Energy Project and Harvard Business Review study found that employees are most productive when their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are met. Improving satisfaction in just one of those areas can have a big impact on worker satisfaction and productivity. Having the right tools to suit their needs will help reduce stress among visually impaired call center agents and help them focus on their jobs.

Happy Customers

Employees who have their needs met will be both more productive and provide better customer service, making your customers happier, too. Helping your visually impaired employees navigate call center software smoothly allows them to better focus on callers.

Implementing tools that help everyone on your team perform to their highest abilities can deliver benefits well beyond the employees affected. From data analysis to solutions for visually impaired agents, explore the options available to guarantee that everyone is performing their best.

To learn more about TCN’s VocalVision, click here.

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