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Call Center Agent Surrounded by Innovations

5 Call Center Software Innovations That Will Shape Your Call Center

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The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way your customers want to be treated. Not only does your call center software need to be ahead of its game, but ensuring that everything you’re doing on the backend is going to help your call center stay on the right track. 

Here are five innovations shaping call centers to better equip their agents with cloud-based solutions that elevate all customer expectations. 

1. AI is Here To Stay

No, this isn’t exactly robotics. With the speed that call center software is progressing, AI services will become a no-brainer to implement as more and more call centers are in desperate need of AI-based systems. 

Customers expect accuracy and efficiency when their information is shared with agents. As customer information pops up on their screen instantly, agents can better serve customers thanks to the efficiency of AI-based software. The utilization of AI streamlines the call center experience for your customers and agents.

Features such as TCN’s Interactive Voice Response utilizes pre-recorded navigation options to provide services to customers whenever they need, and wherever they are. 

2. Becoming Strategic With Real-Time Analytics

Punching endless numbers, excess spreadsheets, exaggerated data feedback…what do these all have in common? Well, they all contribute to what happens when you don’t have real-time analytics to keep your call center going in the right direction. 

With the proper data management, call center managers can stop splitting hairs about whether they are collecting their data efficiently and improving agent performance.

An unprecedented crisis can affect your data and how your performance is being reflected to your customers. 

Business Intelligence and real-time data help your call center take a step back and look at improvements you have collectively made with your agents. Metrics such as Average Handle Time AHT and First Call Resolution (FCR) can be tracked for ensuring optimal agent performance.

3. Omnichannel: The New Wave for Customer Interaction

The customer always comes first. In this case, omnichannel communications allow call centers to communicate in a variety of ways — prioritizing the customers’ preferred channels. Consumers are not confined to one device, which means that call centers cannot use one method of communication either. Doing so. Utilizing email, mobile SMS, and notifications can help you reach your customers with ease — providing consumers with a seamless and positive experience.

4. Self-Services Are Now Essential 

According to a recent study, 90% of consumers prefer self-service options.  If your call center agents are swamped with countless calls that could’ve been resolved with self-service options, you might want to reconsider finding a call center software that meets your needs. Self-services don’t undermine your agents, it empowers your customers to quickly solve problems on their own. 

5. Remote Work: The New Normal 

The drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in remote work increasing indefinitely. It’s still in discussion if call center agents working from home will still be popular within the call center industry in the near future. However, your organization can count on call center software to help them on their journey towards increased agent productivity and performance. 

With constant changes within the call center sphere, TCN’s call center software is helping varying types of industries to increase efficiency and keep their customers as the utmost priority. 
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