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It’s 2021: Let Your Call Center Software Do the Work for You

Let Your Call Center Software Do the Work for You

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Author: McKay Bird

Let’s face it; your call center needs to make the switch to the cloud. If your operations are already in the cloud, congratulations, keep reading. This message can still pertain to you. 

Still, many have been slow to adopt cloud call center software or use many services — making it hard to use any solution effectively. With recent changes to work from home and a hybrid working model, call center managers are providing tips and ways to improve agent performance regardless of location. 

Cloud Call Center Software For the Win!

Before we jump into some considerations on reducing tedious work by letting automation improve processes via cloud software, it’s essential to look at the whole picture. 

Specifically, how can software help power my call center operations? The entire point of cloud-based call center software is its ease of use, speed of deployment (or installation), and ability to scale.   
TCN’s cloud call center software, Operator, is built in the cloud — making it easy to reduce ongoing maintenance while increasing customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

Outlined below are three things to consider when looking at how a call center software solution can help cut down wasted time on day-to-day tasks.

Automation For Days

Due to the high demand for online and digital services, a call center must know how to use the data they produce effectively. Incoming calls, IVR call flows, agent status, hold queues, KPIs for measuring agent performance, and the list keeps going.  

Automating call routing is good and can play a vital part in how a smooth running call center can get work done. However, using too much can limit the human interaction your customers need for a positive customer experience. 

Look at your entire organization and see where the most time is spent — start there. Things like building and analyzing reports, monitoring agent activity, or spotting potential compliance issues can all be automated without sacrificing the call center’s overall performance. Agent interactions and IVR surveys could also be considered as well to help boost agent morale and satisfaction

TCN recently released an updated product to help organizations automate and organize their data. List Management Services (LMS) allows a call center to augment, review, enrich, and filter data easily and contextually. Serving as a central data repository for advanced data management, LMS allows for increased visibility and greater administrative control. 

To Err is to Be Human

It is true, we’re not perfect, and we’re going to make a mistake at some point. That is where the power of the cloud and automation shines. Automation doesn’t eliminate all errors; it simply keeps a set of rules or processes in place that would oftentimes take a full-time employee’s hours worth — potentially with mistakes.  

Reporting and other critical reports are some of the most straightforward business processes to automate in the call center and reduce error. Take a closer look at TCN’s Business Intelligence and automated report tools. 

Plays Nice with Others

Software integrations can open up new channels of communication to your call center. Proper cloud-based call center software solutions are designed to integrate with native applications. Typical applications like Salesforce and Zendesk can help agents quickly recall account or billing information while keeping context. Other tools such as payment processors and API data points can allow for further customization.   

The great thing is, TCN already has integration and automation platforms built-in, making it the easiest way to streamline your call center. With quick and easy updates, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes — all without having to call IT. 

Software is all around us and has become an integral part of our society and when used correctly and effectively, can give a boost to call center metrics. Call centers looking to compete in today’s market will need to continue adapting and finding ways to unify these automation tactics better. After all, the year is 2021 now; it’s time to let your call center software do the work for you.

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About the Author: McKay Bird

Mckay Bird is the Chief Marketing Officer for TCN, a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Mckay oversees all marketing operations, campaigns and conferences including; content production, email marketing, and other inbound marketing activities.