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Inbound Call Center Services That Revolutionizes Your Customer Experience

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When you think of customer service, past experiences with call center agents come to mind. We’ve all had various types of experiences with call center agents, whether good or bad. 

Inbound call centers focus on the customer experience and how their agents’ relationship with their customers reflects sales and revenue. 

As a call center manager, you know what your agents are capable of with the right set of tools. Inbound call centers are customer-oriented, and for them to succeed, they need the right set of features and tools. Features such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) can step up your call center game, providing optimal results.

Take Immediate Action with ACD and IVR Call Center Software

Self-services are now a staple in the inbound call center space. According to statistics, over 67% of customers prefer self-service options. These statistics will help you weigh the many benefits of an IVR system and how to leverage the many advantages. 

Even though live agent interactions are essential for ensuring quality assurance, your current or potential customers require flexibility from what you provide. Whether that’s scheduling an appointment, calling in to make an order or receiving technical support, your customers rely on easy-to-use functionalities that get them what they need in seconds.

Hear what one of TCN’s customers has to say about their optimal IVR experience:

TCN has gone above and beyond in customizing an overall and state-of-the-art IVR system for our company. We strive to provide our audiences with high-quality journalism and excellent services. We believe that the customer service experience should be a smooth and easy process for our readers. TCN’s technology allows us to serve all our subscribers in communities across the United States quickly and accurately to achieve our goals!

Robert Levrier | AIM Media

There will always be customers that would rather speak to a live agent, so also providing that option is critical for versatility for both your team and customers. When one of your customers needs to talk to an agent with a specific skill set, ACD software routes their call to where the most qualified agent will best handle it. 

Nothing is worse than speaking to an unqualified agent that can’t help your customer. An ACD system immediately routes the call to the appropriate agent — wherever they are. 

This solution is adaptable to your call center’s size, making it one of TCN’s most efficient inbound call center services. Ensuring that the right calls are going to the appropriate agent improves overall customer morale and internal call center operations.

Let TCN’s inbound call center services help you increase agent efficiency and take you to new heights with innovative software by requesting a demo today. 

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