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4 Common Call Center Challenges

4 Common Call Center Challenges and How To Combat Them

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Spencer Peterson

Public Relations Specialist

Like any other business, call centers have their own unique set of challenges. Let’s take a look at 4 of the top problems that call centers face and how to solve them.

1. Angry Customers

It is an unfortunate fact that not everyone can be happy all the time. When customers call and are upset, the agent’s responsibility is to do their best to turn the experience into a good one and resolve any concerns presented. These experiences help to preserve and promote the image of a company while creating brand loyalty.

To best alleviate customer concerns, call centers need to properly train agents to handle situations such as these by teaching them about four things: company culture, the products and services, the customers, and when to ask for help. When agents are adequately trained, they know how to handle situations as they arise and can improve overall customer satisfaction.

2. Accurate Reporting and Analytics

Constant and steady growth is necessary for a company to survive in a world with ever-growing demands. To make sure that growth is happening, companies must accurately record and analyze progress. This can be very time-consuming and labor-intensive in the fast-paced environment of a call center. For this reason, automated recording and business intelligence solutions are a must for any call center. 

3. Compliance Regulations and Changes

Compliance risks are one of the scariest issues that call centers face. With new rules and regulations such as Regulation F coming out, it is hard to stay up to speed. Not only is there a potential for legal issues to arise, but with those issues comes negative publicity and the possibility of consumer losses. 

Call center software with built-in automated compliance checks is the perfect solution to any compliance concern. These automated systems can receive remote updates with any new regulations and perform real-time compliance checks to catch mistakes before and as they are made.

4. Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization (WFO) is an essential component for any efficiently run organization and yet, is often overlooked by many. Some call centers struggle with knowing how to optimize their workforce, whether that be through automation, employee utilization, or compliance checks. To understand where to focus your call center’s resources, you need to gather as much data as possible through your WFO solution. In this endeavor, automated systems and reporting are your best friends. They will provide you with the flexibility to rearrange your workforce according to the data that is automatically collected and analyzed.

The Perfect Solution

TCN offers all the solutions mentioned above, and more, in one easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. With TCN’s cloud call center software solutions, your call center never has to worry about missing a regulation change. You can learn how each consumer feels during every call and can receive real-time reports and analytics to take and discover the best way to optimize your call center’s workforce for success. Request a demo to learn about more problems that TCN can solve for you.

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